Say Something

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Say Something

Second Chances, #6

This is the 6th and final story in Mari Car’s second chances series. I’m going to miss these women. Each story can be read without having read any of the other stories in the series. They all interconnect and cover the same time period. This one though has a brief glimpse on how the year ends.

And, I loved this story. It was a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions. From drunken nights with girlfriends to hot sexy nights with an ex, Georgie lives life to its fullest. However, she also has secrets which need to come out. Georgie is just an awesome complex character. Even better is the way that Nick’s side of the story comes across. His point of view slides into the story and makes it even better. Ms. Carr has a talent of bringing characters alive and keeping you interested. This story is more than second chances, it’s about friendships, caring and letting go of your past. This story is the perfect summer read……or anytime read for that matter.

Georgie and her friends decide to make resolutions for the new year. Georgie isn’t keen on the idea and only gives a portion of hers, to reconnect and apologize to her 3 ex-fiancés. What she doesn’t say is she wants Nick back but Nick isn’t talking to her. And, who could blame him. Georgie left him standing at the alter while she escaped through a window. But, she misses his friendship. Can she at least get her friend back?

Book Blurb for Say Something

Third mistake’s a charm.

Second Chances, Book 6

Georgie Russell has always been a full-steam-ahead, spur-of-the-moment, no-looking-back kind of girl. But as midnight on New Year’s Eve rolls around with her friends coming up with wine-induced, second-chance goals, all eyes turn to her.

They all know her “runaway bride” history. Three exes attest to her aversion to vows of any kind. Maybe it’s time she tried to make amends…especially to ex-fiancé number three. The one she literally left at the altar—Nick Hammel.

Nick has spent the better part of a year working overtime to get over Georgie. As a divorce attorney surrounded by broken marriages day in and day out, he figures she did him a favor.

But when they wind up at the same bar one night, he realizes he hasn’t moved on at all. All it takes is the feel of her arms around him and his heart is ready to jump out of the lonely frying pan to get close to her fire…even if it means risking another serious burn.

Warning: Contains a free-spirited florist who knows a thing or two about sowing wild oats, and a jaded divorce lawyer who thinks it might be worth risking a few thorns to stop and smell her roses. Best accompanied by a glass of wine or (and) a couple of lemon drop shots.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00