Savage Satisfaction

While I found this paranormal romance a bit awkward at times, I also found it super-hot and interesting. This story is set in modern times yet it felt misplaced. So much of it would have worked better if it had been placed at least 100 years in the past. Christoffer was probably the best character though a lot of that had to do with him being a werewolf. William was too wrapped up in images and what he thinks he should do instead of what his thoughts and feelings were. And, Mirela was too naïve and clueless to be true. Yet, it was fun to read. The sex scenes though were probably the best. They were extremely well done and will definitely get you hot and bothered. The ending was a bit disappointing as you aren’t sure where this story goes. Overall, I liked it but I would say that I think one reading is enough.

William, Lord of Arrington knows that he will receive a gift from the werewolves and the werefalcons. The gift will be one of their young people. He’s not sure if it will be two women, two men or one of each. Christoffer is the werewolf. He’s all for fun and games. Mirela is the werefalcon. She’s known about her role for her entire life and has not been trained to do anything else. Neither has met each other or William before. All have preconceived ideas of what will happen. None of them are ready for reality. How will this play out?

Book Blurb for Savage Satisfaction

They belong to him, their lives the price of the protection he provides. William, Lord of Eahrington, is a modern man living a medieval life. For centuries his family has secretly protected Europe’s werewolves and werefalcons. Once each generation a falcon and wolf are sent to Eahrington, pledged to spend their lives as his Hunting Pair.

Scared by his past, William locks werewolf Christoffer and werefalcon Mirela away like animals. His fears are confirmed when the falcon savagely attacks him. Help comes from the enticing Christoffer. William must learn to deal with his unexpected feelings for Christoffer while trying to tame the beautiful Mirela.

He’d intended to master them, but what’s between them is too complex to be controlled. Destined to be together forever, their only hope at happiness is to learn to love one another, but first William must overcome his past.

Inside Scoop: Contains m/m and ménage scenes. Don’t pretend you don’t like them!

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere as Hunting Passions in 2009, but has been significantly revised and expanded for EC.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00