Santa's Elf

Diablo Blanco Club #5

Elfina Jeffries, aka Elf, works for Dayton Kringle at his toy factory. She's been attracted to him for a while and with her best friend, Jodi, she's come up with a plan to get his interest. The problem is it isn't working though Elf's fantasies about her boss are definitely alive and well. Elf is at the point where she's giving up on wearing sexy clothes and ready to go back to wearing her professional attire.

Dayton Kringle has definitely noticed Elf. He's noticed her every time she's come into his office. He's gotten quite good at hiding his interest but now, 12 days before Christmas, he's decided to see if his interest in Elf is returned by leaving a present at her desk along with a note but he's not have complete sex with her until Christmas.

Dayton's gifts to Elf aren't exactly bland, vanilla ones but things that will spike her interest and show her Dayton's preferences. Her first are chains, making his claim followed by more suggestive ones. By the second gift though, Dayton has to make himself known and has to set the ground rules. Dayton doesn't want a relationship; he only wants the two weeks after Christmas for some no strings hot sex. As Elf is a virgin, will this be enough or is she going to hold out for more?

To compound this experience, Dayton doesn't celebrate Christmas while Elf loves it. Dayton's been warned by a couple of people to keep things vanilla with Elf but it's too late; he's already bound her and teased her. Heart strings are going to be plucked. Will these two weeks turn into more or will heart break happen?

The character Dayton Kringle is well known to those that follow Ms. Rain's Diablo Blanco Club series. He's been a secondary character in it. But you do not have to have read any of the Diablo Blanco Club books to thoroughly enjoy Santa's Elf. A few characters from the series do make guest appearances in Santa's Elf but not having read about them will not change the enjoyment of this story.

The characters that are predominate in this story, Dayton and Elf, are well done. Each is complex and has a life outside this relationship. I thought it was particularly interesting that they are very involved in charity work and that involvement make a big impact on the story. I also like that those people who are the closest to each are intertwined throughout and their influence is tangible.

These secondary characters are very diverse. Elf's mother is very outspoken and has no problems discussing sex with her daughter and her daughter's boss. Dayton respects the nun who runs the orphanage where he ended up after his parents were killed. But even that nun can shock Dayton with what she knows!

Okay, the sex is outstanding. The fantasies are fantastic. You can forget vanilla. Dayton didn't even go there and for a virgin, Elf is pretty open minded. Sinful, sexual and riveting are terrific words to describe Dayton and Elf's encounters. Both are going to be pushing their comfort zones giving us some awesome reading.

I really enjoyed this story. Though it is written around the Christmas holiday, don't let that put you off. It's much more than a Christmas story. It's more of a erotic romance centered around two diverse people. It's heartwarming and funny and serious and funny and full of sex. What more could you want out of a romance?

Book Blurb for Santa's Elf

After three years of unrequited love, and steamy fantasies, Elfina "Elf" Jeffries has just about given up on gaining her boss's attention. How was any self-respecting woman supposed to seduce a man who was oblivious to her cues? Then the first gift arrived...

Every Santa needs an Elf, and Dayton Kringle is no exception. His offer for a temporary affair, just long enough to get from Christmas Eve to New Year's, will satisfy a three-year craving.

His is a simple design:

One beautiful Elf

Twelve sexy gifts

A little spanking

Some light bondage

And ten days of no-strings sex

...make one very satisfied Santa. But when the ten days are up, will he be able to give up the Elf of his wildest Dominant dreams?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.75