Run Wild

Natasha King is the secretary for her uncle’s business, King Fugitive Apprehension. She loves working there and helping her aunt and uncle. She pretty much grew up in their household as her father didn’t seem to hang around much which why Natasha is surprised to get a second phone call asking where her father is at. She hasn’t seen him in almost 4 years! To learn why, she’s told she’ll have to come to northern California, about 8 hours from LA where she lives.

Trent Oakley took over as sheriff after his father. He doesn’t know what Natasha King’s game is but he’s sure she has an idea of where her father is. As soon as he locates him, Trent plans on arresting him for the murder of a young ranch hand that occurred on Trinity Ranch. He can’t wait to meet Natasha to get the truth out of her!

Trent and Natasha are surprised when they finally meet. Neither is what the other expected. What is even more interesting, neither expected to be attracted to each other. As Trent tries to get information out of Natasha, she’s busy trying to figure out what is going on. She’s positive that her father did not murder anyone, but who did and why?

As Trent and Natasha keep bumping into each other as they try to find a murderer, their attraction begins to burn out of control. Neither is sure where any of this is going to lead but neither is giving up either.

This is the third book in Lorie O’Clare’s Bounty Hunters series. Each stands alone so you do not have to read the previous two books to thoroughly enjoy this one. The main characters in the previous books do make a brief appearance in this one but they are not major characters.

The characters of Trent and Natasha are done extremely well. Trent is in his mid-thirties. He had dreams outside the small, rural town he grew up in but he’s content with where he’s at in his life. He had a close relationship with his father but not his mother who left when he was a child only to come back years later. Natasha didn’t have that kind of relationship with her father. She grew up learning to be independent and her two male cousins helped with that. Natasha doesn’t give her trust easily and doesn’t submit to anyone. She believes she is equal to everyone. This causes some problems as Trent wants her to not only listen to what he has to say but to submit to his desires.

The secondary characters are interesting. Throughout the small town are gossips. They talk about just about everything and everyone. This does give Trent a lot of information he wouldn’t otherwise have so he does listen. Outside of town are ranchers. For the most part these are hard working people. However, there are those who aren’t happy and not exactly sane.

The setting was not what most people think of when they think California. This story is set in northern California’s mountains. It has little in common with southern California or the beaches or Napa Valley. There are rugged areas and lots of snow. Many areas do not have cell phone reception and they still have dial-up internet. What is in this story reflects this rural area.

But there is a murder to be solved. Who did it if Natasha’s father didn’t? As Natasha starts asking questions even Trent isn’t sure even though all the evidence pointed to one person. Local legends and illegitimate children are investigated on the way to solving this crime. And, people think small towns are boring!

I really enjoyed this story.

It’s the prefect blend of romance and suspense. There is just enough of each to keep you turning that page just as fast as you can. Are Trent and Natasha ever going to learn to trust each other? Who is that man in the truck? What is going to be figured out first, the relationship or the murder? It’s so intertwined that the story couldn’t be separated if you wanted to do it. I found myself wondering who was the murderer right along with are those two every going to end up in bed. The twists in the plot were right at the correct place. The ending, not exactly what I expected but logical and very well done. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Book Blurb for Run Wild

Hot on the trail of a cold-blooded killer, a small-town sheriff risks his life—and his heart—with one sexy partner…

Raised in a family of professional bounty hunters, Natasha King knows the dangers of tracking down fugitives—especially when they’re wanted for murder. But this is no ordinary mission. This time, it’s personal. The suspect is her own long-lost father—and the lawman hunting him down is dangerously close to catching her off-guard…

In all his years as sheriff, Trent Oakley has never seen a woman as strong-willed—or as scorching hot—as Natasha. With her big-city experience and black-belt training, she’s his best chance for tracking down the Trinity Ranch killer. Problem is: Can he trust her? As the trail gets hotter, their attraction burns wilder, and soon Trent’s not sure who’s hunting who. But one thing’s for sure: Natasha is one woman who always gets her man…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00