Ruining Mr. Perfect

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Ruining Mr. Perfect

The McCauley Brothers, #3

Fun and light hearted this romance will have you glued to the page! Though part of a series, this book definitely stands alone though it may make you want to read the previous books. Neither of the lead characters are what you would picture as romantic interests, a CPA and an investment broker, but they come off as fantastic characters with lots of depth. They complement each other perfectly and their relationship ups and downs are really based on their personalities. Even better there are several subplots going on including one featuring Cameron’s parents. This isn’t a cut and dry story but one with depth and multiple levels. Surprises pop up throwing several characters for a loop and the next book is set up which looks to be just as interesting as this one. I thoroughly and completely loved this book and highly recommend it to everyone who wants romance in their life. I really hated to put this book down and I can’t wait to read more.

Cameron has been interested in Vanessa since she moved in over a year ago but they started off on the wrong foot and Vanessa can really hold a grudge. What Cameron doesn’t know is Vanessa is interested, just not sure how to have a real relationship. As Cameron makes his play, Vanessa finds she has feelings she’s never experienced. As they start work on their relationship, Cameron’s parents announce that they are splitting up. What is going on?

Book Blurb for Ruining Mr. Perfect


Vanessa Campbell is a CPA by day and a perfectionist by night. She's fit, successful...and decidedly lonely. She can't stop thinking about the youngest McCauley brother, Cameron. He's just like her: smart, attractive, and usually right-except when dealing with her.


Cameron McCauley likes Vanessa a little too much. She's a blond goddess with a razor-sharp tongue. She hates to be wrong, just like him. But she can hold a grudge and is stubborn to a fault-also like him.

A past disagreement has them rubbing each other the wrong way. Cam is dying to shake Vanessa up-get her to let loose. But if he succeeds, can his heart handle it?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 5.00