Romancing the Author

1Night Stand

Poor Madame Eve. She could have been left out of this story as Connor and Gemma were doing well on their own and definitely heading the right direction together. 1 Night Stand and Madame Eve were almost an add on instead of a major player. However, the story was great. Short but detailed and plenty of action in and out of the bedroom (and shower). There was a complexity that is seldom really seen in a short story which was wonderful and gave the story great depth. Comments by secondary characters told of other stories in this series. I really enjoyed reading about a romance author and a high school friend who just happens to be a professional athlete. The ex was a trip. This is a great story for when you just need something to relax with for a short time……and relaxing afternoon or a before bedtime story.

Gemma has divorced her controlling, crazy husband but her publicist doesn’t want that known for fear no one will buy a romance from a divorced woman. So, Gemma keeps her divorce a secret, though she’s tempted to spill the beans when a friend from the past starts flirting online. Connor is attracted to Gemma and has even read her books. But, she’s happily married so it will never amount to anything more than flirting. When these two end up at the same place and at the same time, will Gemma come clean and will Connor take the ball and run?

Book Blurb for Romancing the Author

NFL star, Connor Caine has given up on romance. Starved for a real woman with curves, intellect, and a sharp wit, he exchanges playful messages with an online crush. But when he can’t connect with her, he’s urged to seek out a 1Night Stand while in the Canadian capital for business.

Steamy sex is plentiful for author Gemma Daveen—at least on the pages she writes. Publicized as happily married, she has kept a few well-hidden secrets. But her publicist knows better, and ravenous for sexual reprieve, Gemma soon finds herself booked for a 1Night Stand during a romance convention in Ottawa.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50