Ring of Fire

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Ring of Fire

A Caribou Crossing Romance, #7

This is a very heartwarming story about a single mom and her family and a wounded soldier. No one in this story is without issues or problems yet none are characters that you would pity. This book is part of a series centered around Caribou Crossing. And, while it says it’s a small western town in Canada, it sound pretty big to me. (I grew up in a small town in the US and to this day we do not have paid firefighters or paid paramedics.) Anyway, I enjoyed visiting Caribou Crossing and meeting these characters. I loved how it brought in many aspects of real life such as children with cerebral palsy and wounded soldiers. The PTSD aspect of the story was great on how it showed that no just soldiers can be diagnosed with PTSD. The only down side to the medical issues is how quickly they seemed to get better….better, not cured. It seemed a bit too fast but as this is a work of fiction, I guess it was okay. The important part was the romance. That was perfect. Lark is a fantastic character. She’s strong and independent but caring and concerned. Eric is headstrong and starts off very set in his ways. It was nice to see him begin to relax and evolve into a bit more flexible man. I enjoyed this story. I’m not sure how to express my appreciation of having characters who have problems and these problems are part of them but not what makes them. I found this story to be very upbeat and feel good.

Major Eric Weaver has come to Caribou Crossing to figure out how to beat the PTSD he deals with since he lost a man and was seriously injured in Afghanistan. However, he doesn’t expect on his first night there to be involved in a house fire and needing to be rescued. To top it off, he’s rescued by a woman. Lark doesn’t need a man in her life. She has enough in it dealing with being the fire chief and having a handicapped son. So why does her eyes keep watching the sexy Major?

Book Blurb for Ring of Fire

No one is a stranger in Caribou Crossing, a small Western town made for healing and second chances…

She's raising her son on her own, but that's just fine with Lark Cantrell. Caribou Crossing's fire chief comes from a long line of strong, independent women--who have lousy luck with men. Lark's ex-husband walked out when Jayden was born with cerebral palsy. No matter--Jayden, now ten, is a bright, terrific kid, and the love of her life. When it comes to men, Lark is content with the occasional casual hookup; there's no room in her heart for more disappointment.

Major Eric Weaver is in Caribou Crossing for one reason: to complete his rehabilitation so he can return to active service. Haunted by what went down in Afghanistan, his wounded soul isn't healing as quickly as his body. But it's almost impossible to resist the appeal of the sexy, feisty fire chief and her plucky son--not to mention the friendly, caring small town way of life. In Lark's loving arms, the scarred soldier begins to believe he may finally have found his true home…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00