Return of the Prodigal Daughter

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Return of the Prodigal Daughter

Sherrie left her home in Wayback, TX seven years ago to move to California with her boyfriend, Jake. He was going to work as a stunt man and she was going to be a model. They both found work but when Jake broke his leg a couple of years ago, he left and returned to TX causing Sherrie’s heart to break. Now, Sherrie’s returned home after her Malibu house burnt to the ground and she was injured in the fire trying to save keepsakes of her parents. Her modeling career is pretty much over, her house gone and Sherrie’s not sure what to do next which is why she’s hiding out at the local motel under an assumed name. The last thing she expected was to run into her older brother and she wasn’t looking forward to meeting Jake again.
Jake has made a new life back home in Wayback. He lives over a pool hall/laundry mat. He works there part time mostly to keep his younger half sister out of trouble. She tries to hustle tourists. His other job is as a rodeo clown. He loves it and it gives him the thrills he wants. Still, he misses Sherrie and regrets leaving her. If he could do it over, he wouldn’t have left. When he finds out Sherrie is back in Wayback, does he dare try again?
This story is part of a series of books based in the small town of Wayback, TX. Readers will get caught up on characters from previous books and read about lead characters of future books, though you don’t know which ones will be getting their own books until they are out! The books do not have to be read in order as each story can stand alone but they are more enjoyable when read close to in order as you get to know the town and residents of Wayback. This book as close as I can figure is book number 7.
This book is not very long and can easily be read in a few hours. Still, there is plenty going on in those few pages and the story comes to life. There are plenty of secondary characters who round out the story and give it enough interest that you would want to know more about them. The businesses in and around Wayback are described well enough that you get a good feel as to how they look and who their clientele are. The downside is because this is a short book, the characters don’t get as much depth as you might want. You do get a good feel for them but something things aren’t as well defined. However, if you read several of the books in this series, you do get a more rounded picture of many of the characters.
The situations and reactions come across as very realistic. Small towns do keep an eye out for trouble so when Jake’s younger, underage half sister is seen in the back of a bar, it makes sense that Jake is called to come get her. When Sherrie stops into the courthouse to pick up an application, the fact that a friend’s younger sister is the receptionist while her friend works in the law office makes perfect sense in a small town. It is almost a given that all the local residents of Wayback know who Sherrie and Jake are and what their relationship was. 
This isn’t a book you’re going to have to think about and worry about loosing your place or train of thought. It’s a fun little romance book that you know is going to have a happy ending for everyone. It’s almost as if you’re a fly on the wall watching friends and family as they work out their relationships! This is a great book to read during a snowy afternoon or while laying on the beach.

Book Blurb for Return of the Prodigal Daughter

Famous prodigal daughter Sherrie Porter comes home to Wayback after a wildfire destroys her Malibu home and ruins her supermodel stardom. While she longs for the comfort of family and friends, there’s one person she wants to avoid— her ex-boyfriend Jake Serrano. Jake thought he did the right thing by leaving her to her modeling career, but when they meet again, he can’t deny the flames that never died. Can they rekindle their passion or will stubborn pride tear them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.50