Restrain Me

Boaz McKenzie, known to most as Bo, is in his mid 30s and has been running his family’s Texas ranch since his parents died. He has a large family, 5 brothers and 3 female cousins as well as his grandparents to consider. His older two brothers help on the ranch but the younger are chasing a rodeo dream. His cousins run a local bar. Working from sunup to sundown every day has gotten Bo a bit testy but when his grandmother decides that everyone must move back into the main house until they are married, he explodes. It’s not like he get a day off like his brother, Jonah! Bo heads to town with one thought in mind, find a woman and have some fun!

Sommer is taking a vacation at a dude ranch for women. She’s wanting a vacation romance but needs to find a cowboy. You would think that wouldn’t be a problem in TX! Meeting up with Suzy, another guest, has given the determination that Sommer needs to pick up the next cowboy who walks through the door of the bar.

Bo can’t believe this gorgeous woman is picking him up and he sure isn’t saying no. Borrowing keys from his cousins, he quickly takes her upstairs to their apartment. The night is better than he could have dreamed of until he gets a phone call from his brother needing him to get to the hospital. He doesn’t want to leave Sommer but his family calls, again.

Will he be able to hook back up with her? She leaving in just a couple of days but will that be enough?

This is the first book in a hilarious series. I ended up reading the second book first and loved it even though I did have some questions about some of the situations. After reading the first book, those questions are cleared up. Though these two books can be read separately and you don’t need to read one to enjoy the other, they compliment each other. They have several of the same situations in them but from different perspectives. Reading both gives you a more complete picture but both books are stand alone.

The most striking thing about these books is the humor. It is weaved throughout the story and catches you by surprise. Situations like Bo’s grandmother finding him and Sommer in a compromising situation has her going off like an old fashion preacher and has Bo working on keeping his temper with someone he loves.

It is the characters that drive not only the story but the humor. The grandmother is a character. She doesn’t believe in TV and has a strong faith that she wants to share. She strongly believes that her grandchildren are on the path to hell and only she can save them, even if they don’t want to be saved. The grandchildren love her and want to respect her even though she is unreasonable. This causes some interesting problem solving such as TVs in the bathroom and not telling her the whole truth. The grandfather has memory issues and needs to be watched. He has a habit of wondering off and has been known to paint the tractor pink!

An added touch to the story is a small blurb from a popular magazine on love. The quizzes are made up but sound so real. Sommer is addicted to them but doesn’t always keep her first answer. Who is she lying to, herself or the quiz?

I think I have fallen in love with the McKenzie family. The humor in the books may be a bit old fashion but the characters are definitely modern day as are their desires. Some may find the main male characters a bit brow beaten by their grandmother but those who have been around older women like that now that there is no winning with them. The using of the same time line is not only unique but gives an awesome addition to this series.

Bo is the perfect cowboy, hard working, respectful and fun loving but can he get away from his grandmother long enough to have a life and maybe a little sex?

Sommer wants a vacation she will always remember including a lot more than just meeting a cowboy or two. Is Bo the one to fill her fantasies?

Book Blurb for Restrain Me

Submissive urges. Hidden desires. With the help of one rugged West Texas cowboy, Sommer’s about to discover hers.
Fed up with his meddlesome family, mounting responsibilities and meager sex life, Boaz “Bo” McKenzie roars into Rustlers Junction with a single goal in mind—to find the hottest filly in town and ride her senseless. A sound spanking might be in order as well.
Outrageously betting she’ll bed the next man to walk through the door, normally reserved Sommer vows to cap off her stay at a local dude ranch with a ride on a real cowboy. But it’ll be Bo riding her, rough, randy and all through the night.
Neither expects how explosive their encounters will be or where they’ll lead…with Bo branding Sommer as his, flesh and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00