The Warrior, #4

This is the fourth book in The Warrior series and in this one everything gets all shook up. The reality everyone thinks is real, isn’t and Rachel is the cause. SciFi fantasies come alive and operable as people are cloned and viruses destroy society. This story gets intense as former friends become enemies. The only thing that annoyed me a bit is the jumping back and from between now and then. However, it did give some great back story of how all the characters knew each other and how this world came to be. And the world that is developed is awesome. There are rules and functions for everyone. However, one man wants to be god and will do anything within his power to become one. Once again, the story totally shifts as secrets are reveled. Decisions once made cannot be unmade and death comes when it’s not always expected. This is a great story that should be read in conjunction with all the previous books. Otherwise, it will be hard to follow this story and this world.

Rachel made her decision knowing that she can never see her mother or her boyfriend again. After all, they would have no idea who she is. After 6 months of living at Redemption, she has a plan; kill Justin and stop Dr Icahn. Things don’t always go according to plan as Rachel well knows. What choices will she have?

Book Blurb for Redemption

Gone from their memories.

Stripped from their minds.

Rachel Clancy made a decision to erase herself form the lives of her friends and family to free herself to make hard decisions--decisions that will impact all of mankind. However, the choice wasn't really hers. Manipulated by a ruthless mastermind to do as he wished, Rachel is now alone--alone in a world of strangers.

Strangers who were her friends.

Strangers who were her family.

Strangers who have no idea who she is.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50