Red Zone

Boys of Fall

Ms Carr does it again with this totally believable story. It’s part of a series about small town Texas, the love of a football coach and falling in love, even when it seems unlikely. This story is fantastic as it goes from two men wanting the same woman to three people making a relationship. Things aren’t as straight forward as Joel would like. Oakley and Sadie are more go with the flow but even they are wondering what they are doing. Family intrudes and makes things even more confusing for the trio. And, you have to love single parents who are positive they know the best for their children! Sensual, combustible, comfortable and shocking are all part of this story. It’s a roller coaster ride that seems to turn when you least expect it. However, it’s the first hill that starts a ride that you won’t want to end.

Joel and Oakley work on Coach Carr’s ranch. They like the work and they like Sadie, the local bartender. Sadie refuses to go out with either of them as she doesn’t want to get between their close friendship. However, during a wedding reception with a little too much champagne, the three end up sharing a cab and they all get out at Sadie’s apartment to try a no strings night of sex. Can they stop at one night? Things are about to get interesting.

Book Blurb for Red Zone

Unlike so many of his teammates, Joel never left small-town Quinn after high school. Coach Carr offered him a full-time job on his ranch, and Joel was more than happy to stay near family. In his downtime, Joel good-naturedly competes with his best bud Oakley for the sexy local bartender's attention, but Sadie repeatedly turns down their frequent requests for dates. She doesn't want to come between the two friends...until a little too much champagne at a wedding reception leads to a sizzling encounter. In that moment, Joel and Oakley know they'll never make Sadie choose -- she can have them both.

A no-strings affair between the trio turns complicated when it becomes clear there's nothing casual about their feelings. Add in a sensual, accidental touch between Joel and Oakley, and those feelings become intense times a thousand. It's an emotional game of chance, one they may ultimately lose...but if they can reach the Red Zone, Joel, Oakley and Sadie have a chance at the biggest score of their lives.

Warning: This is a full-contact story with scenes of m/m/f sex.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00