Red Cloud's War

Brave Eagle's Account of the Fetterman Fight

I looked at the description of this book and the cover and thought young kids. It’s not. At least not what I would consider appropriate for young children (3rd grade and under). However, for older elementary school children and above, including adults, this book is awesome. The point of view if from a 19 year old Oglala Lakota Native American. This point of view is much different from the point of views you usually read about concerning white/Native American relations in the 19th century. Usually, stories and history is from the white point of view. Just the change of the point of view will make this story feel new, different and gives a better understanding on why there was so many issues settling the west. The pictures illustrate the story is such a way that they almost tell it without the words. Absolutely awesome. And, there is background so that this event just isn’t thrown out there without any context. What really struck me was the values of the Natives American came through. There is no preaching. People die as this is a real battle but how they die is important. The clashes are real. The history is there. And, nothing will change. Yet, this story brings alive this one slice of time in a way that anyone reading it will understand and feel as if they are there. I can see this book working well into history class even into college. Plus, it’s great to just read as a story. Absolutely fantastic book that isn’t exactly what I was expecting but become so much more.

Book Blurb for Red Cloud's War

"We are brave and ready to fight for our lands…. I will go now and I will fight you. As long as I live, I will fight you for the last hunting grounds of my people," said Red Cloud, war chief of the Oglala Lakota, to Colonel Carrington. The year was 1866, the Civil War had just ended, and the Bozeman Trail was the shortest route for prospectors to reach the gold rush territory of Montana—except that it passed straight through the lands of the powerful Oglala Lakota! When the US government demanded the construction of forts along the trail, the situation quickly dissolved into war. Captain William Fetterman had proudly boasted that he could destroy the entire Lakota nation with just 80 men. Red Cloud, with the support of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, had other ideas.

In this commemorative edition, marking the 150th anniversary of Red Cloud’s War, Goble recounts the tale of events through the eyes of Brave Eagle, a fictional young Lakota warrior. This new edition features an original never-before-published layout, updated and edited text, digitally enhanced artwork, and a new foreword by Robert Lewis, a Cherokee, Navaho, and Apache storyteller.

4th Grade and Up

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 5.00