Reclaim My Life

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Reclaim My Life

Elizabeth Stevens has relocated to Drake Springs, FL, a rural town just south of GA.  There she teaches Shakespeare at the local college.  She’s been working hard at fitting in and making friends.

She’s made 3 women friends.  Cathleen Hodges is the new vet.  Kris Knight is the new high school English teacher and Sunny Davis who is working a the college bookstore.  All four women moved to Drake Springs about the same time and go out to dinner every Friday night.   

Elizabeth generally has breakfast at the local dinner and recently Wilson Drake, the good looking sheriff has been joining her.  She isn’t looking for a relationship but she sure does enjoy her time with Wil;

Wil or Sheriff Drake is from Drake Springs.  In fact, his family was the founding family.  He use to work as a detective in Jacksonville but came home, ran for sheriff and won.  He lives on family land, though not in the family house.  He enjoys the laid back atmosphere of Foster County and it’s low crime rate.

That’s about to change when Cathleen Hodges’ body shows up.  She was killed by a single bullet with no signs of struggle.  When Wil questions the remaining 3 friends, Elizabeth seems spooked.  Does she have something to do with Cathleen’s murder or does she have something else to hide?  Will’   s attracted to Elizabeth and would love to get to know her better but does he dare with this investigation doing on?  Elizabeth is sure Wil has .found out her secret and if not was Cathleen killed because of it?

This romantic suspense had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times.  I couldn’t put it down as Elizabeth and Wil worked on figuring out what was going on, in their relationship and with the murder.  In fact, I was picking this book up every chance I got.

The characters are perfect.  That isn’t to say that their personalities and personas are flawless but that they are portrayed as real people with real problems and real emotions.  Elizabeth is hiding something and she’s scared for her life.  This means she’s forcing herself to do things in ways that she normally wouldn’t.  Wil looks out for his father who had a stroke and deals with an older brother who talks down to him.  The secondary characters are just as well written as those with bigger parts in this story giving it a well rounded feel.

Location is everything and being able to bring that location to life is important.  Foster County was brought to life.  Everything from concerns about hurricanes to shopping at the IGA were expressed with a native’s knowledge or at least someone who has done tons of research if they haven’t lived there.  Local problems worked their way into the story such as the drought bringing water levels down so dredging the waterway looking for evidence is easier.  Perfect.

But one of the best parts of this book is the mystery.  Who did it?  Who is the murder and does it tie into Elizabeth’s secret?  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  It wasn’t who I thought.  In fact, I was sure it was someone else but this way was so much better.  Can I say more than this?  No, not without giving away a clue or two and that’s not happening!

Romance, mystery, mayhem and murder, what more could you ask for out of a book? 

Book Blurb for Reclaim My Life

Drake Springs Sheriff Wilson Drake thinks Elizabeth Stevens is the one woman who can fulfill him.  When a murderer targets his peaceful county, he worries that she could be the next victim.  Or is she the very reason for the trouble in his town? 

Elizabeth Stevens underestimated the sacrifices made when entering the Witness Security Program.  She's warned to trust no one, not even the local sheriff with whom she's fallen in love.  She knows their romance is doomed because sooner or later Wilson---or the contract killer on her trail—will figure out she's a fraud.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00