Recipe for Submission

Kyra writes mysteries and takes great pride in her work. So, when her latest book isn’t shaping up as well as she likes, she has to take a step back to figure out why. It seems everything is in place except her killer, a sadistic man who practices BDSM. Kyra knows the only way she’s going to make this killer more realistic is research and how better to research than to check out a local BDSM club. Surely she can stand to hang out with a bunch of perverts for a few hours!

Kyra knows she might be over her head when the girl who takes the money asks her if she is a sub. Kyra reacts strongly as she considers herself equal to men and is definitely not a doormat. But, Kyra isn’t a Domme either and definitely can not pull that off. After being directed to see “Ken”, Kyra pretty much figures she’s going to just watch but what she’s seeing distresses her more than anything else.

Ken owns the club Kyra is visiting and when Drew shows up, he steers him in Kyra’s direction. Drew isn’t sure he wants to show a tourist the ropes though that is the type of relationships he prefers, teach them and then move on. Something about this woman though draws him to her.

Kyra isn’t sure she wants to do anything more than talk to one or two of these perverts so when Drew offers more, her first reaction is to say no, her next is to offer to take a whip to him. When Drew agrees, Kyra’s curiosity is aroused. By the time the night is over, more than her curiosity is aroused and Kyra’s running confused.

This book was a pure joy to read.

Kyra was a fantastic character. She was opinionated, mouthy and everything you wouldn’t expect to find in a submissive. She knew that anyone who participated in BDSM was a pervert and wasn’t someone she really wanted to know. Watching her have her opinions challenged was at times funny and others painful but always interesting.

Drew was a perfect fit for Kyra. He didn’t fit the mold she expected him to. He didn’t get off giving pain or try to tell her pain became pleasure. He put her needs and desires before his own and taught her to expand her horizons. Drew is a professional chef which also throws Kyra.

Though this story was set in Washington DC, the feel of the city wasn’t really there. A brief mention about how the streets are named and that Drew’s restaurant was in North West DC was about it. Kyra lived in an apartment in the Maryland suburbs but no details were given. For the most part, this story could have taken place in any good size city.

This isn’t a really long story, only around 80 pages. The pacing is quick so it seems like the story just flies off the page. Yet, a lot is thrown into those few pages making the story feel like it’s much longer.

The sex was integrated into the story naturally. Drew lives for safe sex, even if it kills the mood. Even though he knows he’s clean, Kyra doesn’t and she has to learn to expect any Dom she is with to take care of her by remember to always use a condom. But, besides the safety issues, the sex is hot, graphic and occasionally a real eye opener for Kyra.

I absolutely loved this story. You could feel the emotions that Kyra was feeling. Drew quickly began fighting his but you could tell it was a losing battle. I felt part of it. Within a few paragraphs, this story reached out grabbed me and pulled me into it without any effort.

Not sure you want to read about BDSM, grab this book. Kyra was sure she wouldn’t like it either. After all, all those types of people are perverts!

Love BDSM, grab this book. There are plenty of scenes and the emotional pull that a good BDSM book should have.

Book Blurb for Recipe for Submission

When Kyra decides to research the villain for her latest thriller by going to a BDSM club, she doesn't expect to be shown the ropes by sexy Dom Andrew Ryan. He awakens in her yearnings she didn't know she had, and leads her to question everything she thinks she knows about bondage and sex, pain and pleasure. And he cooks too!

Drew never wanted a regular steady relationship. Catch and release, that's the best way to be with subs, especially novice subs like Kyra, who have a tendency to get attached. Teach them and move on. But Kyra has so much to learn. Teaching her what her body wants is immensely satisfying, and so is having her in his bed and at his dinner table. Together they just might cook up the perfect recipe for submission.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 5.00