Quarterback Draw

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Quarterback Draw

A Play-by-Play Novel, #9

Sexy professional sportsmen are a trademark of this series and this one is no different. Grant Cassidy is hot which is why he’s on a photo shoot with professional models. But, this story is so much more than just beautiful people falling in love, though they are and they do. This story is about love, family and compromise. These characters are real and have personalities that aren’t perfect. You can’t help but to fall in love with them and laugh with them and even cheer them on. Katrina takes responsibilities seriously and she doesn’t like change. Grant is use to everything falling in place for him. And, the struggles start with each needing to learn to trust the other. I absolutely loved this book. I think the interactions between family members is outstanding. Grant and Katrina are two very different people who are strong in their own right. No wishy washy characters in this book! Characters from previous books in this series pop in but only as minor characters. You don’t need to read any books in this series to love this one. However, all of the books in this series are awesome so you might want to go back and get them. I can’t wait to read about Grant’s brothers. They sound like they are going to be as much fun as Grant.

Grant plays football and loves the game. Katrina is a model and is all work when at shoots. So, when Grant makes a play, she shuts him down. This doesn’t stop Grant from trying again until Katrina finally agrees to spend some time with Grant. Grant doesn’t believe that Katrina doesn’t date and follows up on calling her when he comes to New York. While Katrina planned on saying no, her younger sister has no problem saying yes. Can Katrina fight Grant and her siblings or will it just be easier to say yes for a date? After all, that’s all it can be with Grant living in St Louis and her in New York, right?

Book Blurb for Quarterback Draw

In the latest Play-by-Play novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Straddling the Line, a sexy quarterback is finally playing for keeps...

Grant Cassidy knows how to be a football star?flash that dazzling smile, throw the winning pass, get the girl. But while the hot quarterback loves the game and the lifestyle, no woman has come close to catching his heart. Then he matches wits with a smart, gorgeous model, and Grant finds himself wanting more than a fling.

Supermodel Katrina Koslova might live in a world of glitz and camera flashes, but she works hard to provide for the family that relies on her. She doesn’t have time for fun?much less a boyfriend?but Grant seems determined to be the exception to Katrina’s rule.

Their explosive chemistry is undeniable, but Katrina’s afraid to let go and rely on anyone but herself. Grant intends to ease her fears and prove he’s a man of style and substance?a man she can count on.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00