Pulled Long

Long Shots, #3

Ian Long and his sisters, Sadie and Paige own a coffee shop. For months a customer that Ian only knows as Blue Eyes has been coming in. Ian feels an attraction towards him but when he learns that Blue Eyes is in the middle of a divorce, he steps back. His last long term boyfriend left him to return to his girlfriend and Ian knows he can’t go through that again. Ian is not going to be someone’s experiment into “gayness”.

All this changes late one rainy night when Ian lets Blue Eyes in after hours. First, he learns that Blue Eyes’ real name is Jeff Carson. He also learns that Jeff not only wants Ian but has no problems going public with that fact. In fact, a little public display of affection happens in the coffee shop where anyone passing by could see. Ian needs to keep that quiet though because the last employee to have sex in the shop got fired and Ian wouldn’t put it pass Paige to fire him!

The men agree to meet for dinner but end up at Mavericks, a neighborhood sex club. Ian has never been there even though both his sisters are regulars. It doesn’t take long before Jeff learns that Ian doesn’t mind watching others and doesn’t mind being seen. They need to be careful though because that kind of activity could get them in trouble!

Though Ian cares for Jeff, does he dare give Jeff his heart? He was hurt before and he doesn’t want to get hurt like that again. Will the true test come when Jeff’s ex-wife will be attending the same party as the men?

This is the third book in Christine d’Ado’s Long Shots series. The first two books where about Ian’s sister. In them, Ian’s initial meeting with Jeff happens and the beginnings of their relationship are started. However, you do not need to read them to enjoy this story. There is enough background given that it will stand alone.

The main characters of Ian and Jeff are superb. Ian shares some of his dreams and desires. Though it pains him, every month he calls his father who doesn’t remember him due to a car accident that Ian blames himself for. Through conversations with Paige, his vulnerable side comes out as does his determination to make the coffee shop highly profitable. Jeff’s life is his job. He does security around the world and has erratic hours. This is part of the problem his had with his marriage. When Ian visits Jeff’s office though his relationships with his secretary and his partner reveal Jeff’s true personality. Jeff may not have a lot of experience with men but he’s more than ready to be Ian’s lover.

Secondary characters in this story are done just as well as the primary. Jeff’s secretary is seen frequently. She’s bubbly and chipper but not overly annoying. Paige shows a different side to her character than she’s shown in other books. She’s still hard core about the shop but she’s very maternal towards her brother. Josh, the owner of Mavericks, also makes an appearance. This is a character that has been in all three books to varying degrees and always makes an impact.

The emotional pull of this story is heart wrenching. Ian desires Jeff, has dreamed about him and misses him when he doesn’t come by but Ian has already been in a relationship where he was dropped for a woman. Ian’s need for love wars with his need to keep his heart in tact. Jeff is infatuated with Ian. He can’t help but to come around and loves to tease him. He’s sure he’s ready to move on and wants to move on with Ian but he’s not sure how. These men have to grapple with their emotions and their needs while trying to figure out where they want to go. Yes, there is drama along with the sex.

The sex is hot and graphic and occasionally a bit public. As the guys try to fulfill each other’s needs, things sometimes go places that they didn’t expect.

Once again I couldn’t wait to start the next book in this series. Ian and Jeff’s teasing kept me wondering about their story from the first book. How are they going to get together? Where is this going to lead? I’ll be honest, I really thought this was just going to be a fairly sweet romance but it wasn’t. It was a complex mix of personalities, jobs and a bit of kink.

I’m not a big fan of m/m romance. However, certain authors seem to have the ability to pull me into their worlds and I don’t want to leave because I’ve fallen in love with their characters. This is one of those authors. I needed to know how Ian’s story turned out. I needed to know what was going on with Blue Eyes. I needed…..

Now, I’m worried. All the Long siblings have found their man and where doesn’t that leave this series. Is it finished? I sure hope not as I love this family and would love to see them again. I worry about Josh. Can he have his own story? He deserves a happy ending. I guess I’m going to have to wait and see.

Book Blurb for Pulled Long

For months, coffee shop owner Ian Long has fantasized about a customer he knows only as "Blue Eyes." Until he learns Blue Eyes is in the midst of a divorce—the last thing Ian wants is to be the rebound experiment of a straight guy. Giving in to lust, he invites the man into the café after hours and they indulge in a little exhibitionist play, but Ian is unwilling to get involved.

When he's forced to see Jeff again to return his briefcase, Ian finally agrees to go out on a date. Dinner quickly becomes an erotic encounter in a special room at the sex club Mavericks, and Ian realizes Jeff satisfies desires he didn't know he had. The more he gets to know Jeff as a person, the harder it is to resist falling for him.

Jeff makes it clear he's interested in more than just sex. He wants to go public with their relationship in more ways than one. But can Ian open his heart, when he fears it will be broken?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00