Public Intimacies

Excess Book 4

I love Ms van Yssel’s stories so I was definitely looking forward to this one. As usual she

explores aspects of BDSM….some good and some not so good. Regardless, they come

across very realistic and believable. The characters come alive and you quickly connect with them. I enjoyed what there was of this story. I found it to be too short. This story felt more like a snippet in time and not a complete story which was a shame because I really wanted to see how Annabelle worked through her issues. Instead, I was left with the knowledge that she pushed her boundaries and would probably be okay. Yet, this is a fantastic introduction into Ms. van Yssel’s work if you have never read it. If, like me, you’re a fan, you will still have enough story to enjoy. Everyone needs to remember that this is more a novella (short story) than a novel.

Annabelle knows what she wants in a Dom but is having problems finding a Dom she wants to play with. She likes it rough but not so rough it draws blood! Clint seems to be what she wants but he’s a very private person and Annabelle doesn’t play any where except in a public place. Clint is drawn to Annabelle but she always seems to be with another Dom. He’s not one to cut in on another Dom. The opportunity presents itself to play at a private party. Now, can Clint and Annabelle connect when their play places don’t exactly match?

Book Blurb for Public Intimacies

Annabelle is tired of Doms who do BDSM just to show off how bad they are. Still, she wants someone unafraid to play rough. Clint seems to know how to give her what she needs without needing to play to an audience. After a hot scene with him at a play party, she wants more play--and more sex. But Clint wants the sexy times to happen in private, and past experience has made her scared to be alone with any man, especially a Dom. Public play is safe.

Clint can tell that Annabelle has been hurt in the past. He wants to teach her to trust him, but to do so he has to push his own boundaries without letting the curvy sub take control, and he needs to find out her secrets. To be the best dom he can be, he needs to first control himself--even when Annabelle’s curvy body is there for the taking.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.00