Polished Slick

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Polished Slick

This story is part of a series based around Nicolette and the cosmetic company she’s started. The characters from previous books will be seen in this one as all of the characters are an essential part of the complete story. However, the main characters in this story are an overly pretty man, Jerry and an overly ambitious woman, Trinity. They’ve worked together for two years but have never really seen each other or talked. When preconceived ideas are shaken, the suddenly see each other differently causing Trinity to want to run and Jerry to explore. They’re going to have to work together though as someone is breaking into the barn where the business operates destroying new products that are to be released soon. Trinity soon finds herself way out of her comfort zone, but will she discover a new one or quickly hide in the familiar work life she loves?

This was a totally fun story that should be enjoyed by any lover of romance. The main characters are very different but they work. Each wants to be accepted as they are and not changed but they are equally sure that they will need to change to be accepted. There is nothing to heavy in any of the scenes but there is some definite humor in a lot of them. Some of the premises concerning the break-ins are a bit unrealistic but they fit the story so just relax and go along with them.

This story reads very quickly and kept my interest from start to finish. I’m enjoying this set of characters and plan on picking up the previous books that I haven’t read. I’m also hoping for some more books using this unique cosmetic company and its staff.

Book Blurb for Polished Slick

Someone’s trying to sabotage the launch of Natural by Nicolette’s new line of nail polishes and Nikki is too danged pregnant for her usual brand of vigilantism. She tasks her ambitious junior chemist, Trinity, with the chore of rooting out the pest. As double insurance, she also bribes her Jack-of-All-Trades tech guy Jeremiah to lend his expertise to the investigation.

Trinity believes Jerry—a heavily tattooed former pro surfer—is lazy and immature. Jerry thinks Trinity—a twenty-three-year-old preppy know-it-all who fancies herself the company’s future Vice President—takes herself too seriously. They obviously hadn’t heard about how opposites attract. Then one night while watching security footage, Jerry stuns her with both his past and his kiss.

Trinity quickly learns that for as much as she tries to be Jerry’s boss, he’s the real alpha in the room. And when he cleans himself up, he’s damn near irresistible—not just to Trinity. With the nail polish’s launch in limbo and the company’s new ad campaign making waves, it’s Trinity who feels she needs to grow up. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her shot at the only man she’s ever wanted who’s smarter than her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00