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Plus One

After reading the blurb for this story, I thought I knew what I was getting but I was wrong. This quickie isn’t so much a pole dance workshop or a girls’ night out but more about two friends dragging a shyer, timid friend to a place way out of her comfort zone. One of the friends, Wendy is part owner and the other, Jill, not only had been to this sex club before but is to be the instructor of the workshop. The workshop ends up being all the women in the club taking turns playing on a single pole for a minute or so. Not what I was expecting. That said, so what was this book about? The first few pages were setting up Karen’s discomfort being in the club but how many of the activities were turning her on. There were then a couple of pages introducing Rob and his impressions of the club. After they meet, the rest of the story, which is a vast majority of it, are their sexual explorations including having Wendy’s husband joining them with her watching.

Though I was disappointed that this book wasn’t what I expected, I have to also admit that for what it was, it was very well written. There is little plot; essentially set-up and sex. Don’t expect any depth or development but do expect explicit sex with plenty of graphic descriptions. Karen ends up having an awesome night with Rob fulfilling fantasies so I guess you even get a happy ending.

This is a quickie, only around 40 pages.

Book Blurb for Plus One

A girls’ night out for a pole dance workshop at her friend’s upscale sex club takes a wild turn for normally timid Karen. She knew what to expect, but not how far she’d be willing to go.

Rob comes to Desire After Dark as a plus one. His only expectation is visual stimulation, not participation. But that soon changes when he spots the buttoned-up-to-there beauty hanging around on the sidelines.

Thrown together, Karen and Rob find the sexual heat between them undeniable. Surrounded by twosomes and moresomes, they step on an unexpected and steamy path. But when another joins in, they have a plus one of their own.

An Exotika ® erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00