Playing Against Type

Soulgirls, Book 4

Intrigue, secrets and seduction are all elements of this edition of Soulgirls. There are more twists, turns and traps than meets the eye as several characters work on their own plan only to learn that their original information isn’t the whole story. A power play is behind one, vengeance behind another and just trying to stay alive behind yet another. Each plan is separate yet connected to the others. As they become more intertwined, they seem to unravel a bit more. The suspense will keep you reading as the characters work their way through this plot. And, behind, and sometimes in front of, this is a love story that appears to have no happy ending. I absolutely loved this story and can’t wait for the next!

This story is part of a series but each book is a stand alone. Each book is unique in not only its characters but its plot. The setting is all the same, Arcana Royale. This is a casino located in Las Vegas but for paranormal beings. It’s run by a group of beings that hold the souls of those trapped in the casino. Magic is everywhere.

Pepper has been asked to distract and/or seduce an FBI agent who has come to the Arcana Royale to close it. While Pepper isn’t sure of her ability to do either, she knows that without the casino’s magic, she will die. Agreeing to give it her best, Pepper goes out to find Finn. Finn appears to be a null, or someone who nullifies magic. This is a dangerous person in a place run by magic. He thinks the mob is behind many of the activities at the casino and he’s going to do all he can to find the evidence. However, when he meets Pepper, he is distracted from his goal. But, he soon learns that Pepper isn’t the only distraction!

Book Blurb for Playing Against Type

There’s nothing more deceptive than the truth…

Pepper Kirk lives for the moment. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she set out to see the world and found a place—and remission—at the Arcana Royale. For once, life is perfect. Until a federal agent appears, determined to catch the casino in corruption.

Owing her very existence to the magic that sustains her, Pepper reluctantly agrees to seduce the handsome agent and sabotage his surveillance, though she’s not sure how a woman without a dishonest bone in her body will make it work.

Finn Mickelson’s investigation into a crime family is only a smokescreen to keep his real targets off balance. Nothing will keep this witchborn from digging into the secrets of the Royale—not even a Southern belle with honeyed tones and a sweet smile.

He quickly sees through her ruse, yet he finds himself falling under the spell of her porcelain doll beauty, even wanting to help her. But for love to take hold, they’ll have to play the house in a game that’s stacked against them…or lose their lives.

Warning: Contains lies, deceptions, twists, turns, behind-the-scenes plotting, a man with a revengenda, a Southern belle who just wants to live her life—and a game they didn’t know they were playing.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00