Pine and the Winter Sparrow

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Pine and the Winter Sparrow

I loved this story. Based on a Native American legend, this story will explain why an evergreen stays green all year around and other trees lose their leaves. Imaginative pictures bring the story to life as a small sparrow looks to the trees in the forest for a place to spend the winter. Bright colorful leaves highlight the fall foliage as snow covered branches will have you shivering with Sparrow in the winter. A Creator is part of the story. Children will learn that acts of kindness will bring their own reward. Not only did I love the story but I love that this cultural tale is being shared with others. Young children will truly appreciate this story and early elementary age students should be able to read it for themselves. This book is a gem.

Book Blurb for Pine and the Winter Sparrow

Have you ever wondered why pine trees stay green all winter long and don’t lose their leaves like other trees? According to an ancient legend attributed to the Cherokee Indians, it was a simple act of kindness towards an injured little bird that earned pine trees this very honor. Retold by award-winning author Alexis York Lumbard, this story invites readers to experience a world where trees and birds speak and interact with each other, and which shows us that no act of kindness and sharing goes unrewarded. Featuring beautiful paintings by multiple award-winning illustrator Beatriz Vidal, you will never look at pine trees in the same way again!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00