Perfect Blend

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Perfect Blend

Amy is a single mother to 6 year old Charlie.  She made a decision to become a mom given her family history of early menopause and being let go from her PR position.  Once Charlie started school, Amy planned on being a freelance reporter but breaking into that field is a lot harder than she anticipated.  While she works on writing her break through story, she works at her friend Brian's coffee shop.

Brian has dreams of openning an exclusive shop in a ritzy area but for now he has a shop in a well to do area with plenty of customers.  He loves coffee and searches out the best.  His love life is totally unstable as he goes from woman to woman, always finding something wrong with them.

Bel is Amy's other really good friend.  Bel is a struggling actress who just knows her big break is coming.  In the meantime, she does the voice for electronic messages like "watch your step" while coming out of the tube. Bel's love life is different.  She always seems to find guys that treat her horribly.

Amy thinks Bel and Brian are perfect for each other but Bel and Brian are positive they are not.

Rounding out Amy's life are her parents, Val and Phil and her sister, Victoria and her husband and children.  Amy's parents are seperated and they are seeing some unique people.  Victoria is overbearing and sure she has all the answers which is why when Sam steps up and confronts her, Amy is not only shocked but intrigued by this interesting man.

Sam is an architect working on the building of a rival coffee house around the corner from Brian's shop.  He's attracted to Amy but will he accept Charlie?  Not all of Amy's tentative boyfriends have.

This is another wonderful book by Ms Margolis.  She once again is bringing London to America with humor and giving us a fantastic glimpse of every day life.

Her characters are quirky, unique and lovable.  You can't help but like them.  Amy has goals but Charlie is her priority.  She's a loyal friend and tries to be a good sister and daughter.  This can be hard when your mother is with a shaman and your father with an erotic poet!  It's even harder when your sister is letting you know all the things that you are doing wrong.  Sam is a regular guy who does pro bono work in Africa.  He's not sure he can be a good dad but he's falling for Amy.  Brian and Bel, when they aren't busy picking and teasing each other, actually might like each other.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.

The dreams of all are one of the major themes.  Brian is scared that he will go bankrupt like his parents once the mega coffeeshop Sam is working on opens.  He's also worried about his man boobs.  What is causing them?  Amy wants to write and keeps looking for stories.  She finds a few only to have the papers give them to someone well known or they tell her she's too late, they've already run a story about whatever Amy is pitching.  Bel wants fame but is driving her friends nuts as she practices.  The dreams are there but so are the stumbling blocks and detours.

Okay, I absolutely loved this book.  I started it and couldn't put it down.  I got involved with the characters and their lives almost immediately and couldn't wait to see what the outcome would be.  Though all of the characters could be a reflection of most people's lives, the warmth and humor that come shining through make it gripping and compelling.  Things aren't perfect but when are they ever?  It's all how you look at things.

It does touch on some very series modern day problems such as working mothers needing child care, food additives and job security but it does it in a way that doesn't preach or feel negative.  Indeed, the light touch that is given some of these serious issues allows the reader to put things in perspective.  After all, it's not the end of the world is you're a single mom that used artifical insemination to become pregnant.

This is the perfect summer book for the beach or a wonderful winter book for snuggling up with.  It's fast pace, interesting characters and daily life keep you glued to the pages while the humor has you laughing.

Book Blurb for Perfect Blend

From the author of Forget Me Knot comes another hilarious novel about a single mom who is single-handedly trying to save the world, one coffee shop at a time

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00