Passionate Pleasures

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Passionate Pleasures

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Kathryn St. John is the librarian of Egret Pointe. There has always been a St. John woman as librarian since the library was donated by a St. John in the late 19th century. Of course, there have only been 3 librarians. Kathryn is not paid by the library, they couldn’t afford it. Instead, she lives off a trust that is administered by her brother. Under Kathryn or Miss Kathy’s reign the Egret Pointe library has been updated and come into the 21st century. Some of that is due to Miss Kathy not having a life outside of the library and the Channel.

The Channel is a secret interactive cable network that allows women to live out their sexual fantasies. Most women have two options but Kathy has 7 and uses every one of them. The Channel is one of the ways Nicolas uses to seduce women to the dark side. He has a soft spot for Kathy who let him take her virginity when she was just a teenager. Kathy is shocked when he takes the Channel away from her. What is his game?

Tim Blair has accepted the position of principal of Egret Pointe’s middle school. He’s never lived anywhere except the city but with his parents dead and working a dead end job, moving to Egret Pointe seemed like a great move. He’s in town less than a day when he has a run in with the town’s librarian. When he visits the library to make his apology and to learn more about the reading program the library has, he also learns that he’d like to know the librarian a whole lot better. Tim may be a few years younger than Miss Kathy but he’s sure he can offer her everything she needs.

I loved this book and really am going to have to find the rest of this series. I didn’t need to read any of the previous books to thoroughly enjoy this one.

As you probably already figured out sex is in this book and there’s a lot of it. It’s graphic and extremely well written. With the Channel, sex can be any fantasy that you desire and Kathy has a variety of desires. Even Tim surprises her. There’s much more to him than everyone thinks.

And it’s not just the sex that is well written, the characters are written just as well. There are no cardboard characters. They all have lives, personalities and quirks. Tim has a dog which can get him trouble but it can also make him new friends. Kathy has a brother that is all about appearances and while he can be a pain, he must have something going for him as his wife is pregnant with twins and he already has 5 children! Even secondary characters have depth which makes it feel as if Egret Pointe is really there and these characters are real people.

The backcover blurb on this book intrigued me as I’ve worked in libraries and I’m well aware of the stereotype people have concerning librarians. The thought of a sexy librarian as the main character in a book drew me in. Within pages, I was hooked and by the end of the book, I was ready for more.

Passionate Pleasures is a superb erotic romance that offers much more than just hot sexual scenes. The characters, town and situations give life to this book and keep you intrigued and interested. Nicolas tempts but as he says, he can’t tempt a good woman. To which Kathy declares there is no black and white but lots of shades of gray. I’m interested in the shades of gray. After all, who wants all evil or all goodness? This book lets the light through but filtered with the shadows of reality.

Book Blurb for Passionate Pleasures

New York Times bestselling author Beatrice Small is turning on her fans again-by tuning them into their sexiest fantasies in The Channel.
Some think librarians are stuffy, narrow-minded prudes-but that's not true of Kathryn St. John. She runs Egret Point's library and is very involved in her community, even down to keeping them up with the latest trends. One major trend she turned the local ladies on to is the interactive network The Channel. It's there that Kathryn extends her occupational passions into the bedroom by playing out her favorite pieces of medieval English literature.
Kathryn is quite satisfied with the princes, musketeers, and highwaymen her personas seduce in The Channel. But her seductions spill out into the real world and reach Timothy Blair, new to Egret Point. He wants to satiate both of their desires, but how can he possibly compete with fantasy lovers? That is unless he can create a wicked plot twist that even Kathryn couldn't think up in her wildest dreams...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00