Only If It Pleases

Iron Butterfly, #1

Fantastic BDSM story and great first book of a new series. It doesn’t take long before you are drawn into a relationship where attraction may not be enough. There are lots of issues, kinky and not, to discuss as Vanessa and Hart figure out what their relationship is going to look like. While there are some predictable parts, they are overshadowed by the excellent sex scenes and the terrific emotional pull. Each character has to look within themselves to discover what it is that they truly like and what are they willing to give up. Though this isn’t a really long story, it’s impact is huge. I finished it and was ready for more. I sure wasn’t ready for it to end and can’t wait until the next story comes out. These characters were awesome but a lot of the secondary characters are just screaming for their own stories. Sindra van Yssel has another winning story that will have fans wanting more.

Vanessa is new to the BDSM scene and while she likes some of what her Dom, Walt, does, she’s not into the pain part at all. So it is with reservations that she agrees to fulfill the bet her Master made and become the slave to Hart Wolfe for the weekend, even though she knows that he loves to give out pain. Hart knows that Vanessa isn’t really into pain but he also knows that he’s attracted to her. Expecting to only spend the weekend with her working on protocol, he is surprised to discover that he wants more. Can they work out their differences or will they be too great?

Book Blurb for Only If It Pleases

When Vanessa is gambled away by her Dom, she ends up the slave of the handsome Hart Wolfe for a weekend. Hart has a well-deserved reputation as a strict Master into heavy play. Vanessa isn’t sure if she can live up to Hart’s expectations, but she’s certain that he’s in control and knows the way to pleasure a kinky woman.

Hart isn’t sure he even wants a weekend with Vanessa, though he’s attracted to her. He knows right away she’s not into the kind of pain he’s become so skilled at dishing out, much to the delight of Baltimore’s masochists, but decides to teach her a few things to help her get a better Dom. Little does Hart know Vanessa will rise to any challenge. Her desire to submit can capture even the hardest Master’s heart.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50