One Weekend Only

Natasha, Tasha, and Alec met in college, dated and then married. They have two children and a good life. Alec is a lawyer but he's still very straight forward and easy going. Each summer Tasha and Alec join Alec's old college roommate, Quinn Bigelow, at his summer house for a long weekend. Over the years Tasha has begun dreading this trip due to Quinn's constant flirting and perhaps due to her attraction to him.

Quinn got divorced about a year ago and has recently married Skye. Skye is about 10 years younger than Tasha and has definitely had her assets enhanced. Skye, like Quinn, is outgoing and outspoken. She has no problem going after what she wants.

Unknown to Tasha, this year's visit is going to be very different. The men have been talking about Tasha's attraction to Quinn and this year Alec has told Quinn he's more than willing to let Quinn try to get Tasha in his bed. Will Tasha take him up on that offer?

The characters are a mixed bag. Tasha complains about Alec and Quinn reverting back to children. This behavior comes across very well as they compete over silly things. Tasha seems to be fairly level headed but has an irrational attraction to Quinn. Quinn for the most part acts like a young man needing to prove himself. Skye plays a sex kitten very well and enjoys playing sex.

The weekend plan is for Tasha to have sex with Quinn and get it out of her system. Alec stresses that everything is up to her yet it almost feels as if Alec is bored with his sex life regardless of his claims of the opposite. He seems to focus on what he thinks Tasha won't do or won't like or doesn't enjoy. He also can't wait to try things he won't do with Tasha with Skye. Tasha feels guilt wanting to be with Quinn and seems to second guess her feelings. Her loyalty and love are 100% with Alec.

Reinforcing the childishness of the men is wanting the women to compare their sexual experiences with the other man. Each wanted the women to say he was better. It was like a competition.

Now, the sex was hot. It was graphic and it was titillating. Everything that happened with each character was put out in the open and each sexual act was explored. A majority of the story was comprised of sexual encounters.

Now, how did I like the book? Real good question. I'm not sure. For the stimulation sex, it was really good. Likeable, interesting characters, not so much. Plot, storyline: if you take out the sex, there isn't much left.

Would I read this book a second time? No

Can I see others enjoying this story? Yes

If you like lots of sex, don't have problems with spouse swapping and reading about having a good time, this may be the book for you.

Book Blurb for One Weekend Only

Tasha Wyatt has a great life—a gorgeous, sexy husband, two wonderful children and a spacious home in the suburbs. Every summer, she and her husband Alec travel north to Quinn Bigelow’s lake home for a long weekend. And every year it becomes more arduous, because Quinn represents a missed opportunity to Tasha. Quinn and Alec were best friends and college roommates when she started dating Alec. Although she fell hard for Alec and loves him madly, she’s never gotten over her lustful yearning for Quinn. Quinn has always flirted with her, but this year he makes his intentions crystal clear. He wants her naked and in his bed. As Tasha’s resolve weakens, she soon discovers that Alec and Quinn have made a deal for the vacation—and she’s the bargaining chip. Reader Advisory: Not everyone ends up in bed with their spouse…or with just one partner.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00