One Day in Apple Grove

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One Day in Apple Grove

Book 2 in the Small Town USA Series

This second story in CH Admirand’s series based in Apple Grove is set about two years after the first book. While the characters in the first book are part of this one, you don’t need to read the first book to thoroughly enjoy this one. (I haven’t read it yet and I loved this story.)

Small town life at it’s best is portrayed in this romance. Everyone knows everyone else and everyone else’s business, good and bad. Jack has returned to town to take over his father’s medical practice. Caitlin works at her family’s handyman business. Her older sister, Meg went to school with Jack but there was too big of an age difference for them to really get to know each other. But, they are drawn together when they take on a stray puppy. As they care for this puppy, they need to decide if they are going to act on the attraction they feel for each other. Jack has some secrets that he’s sure will have Cait leaving him. With the help of Apple Grove, they start a relationship that neither expected. When the puppy leaves the equation, will they still have a reason to be together pr will things just fall apart?

Apple Grove is the perfect small town complete with a town gossip center and a grapevine that keeps everyone informed about all the stuff you wish no one had seen. Jack is a wounded veteran who has to deal with PTSD. There are no easy fixes or easy outs. Cait has never left Apple Grove and never wants to. Two totally different characters that mesh into a wonderful couple. This warm hearted sweet romance is well balanced and keeps you involved from the first page to the last. You’ll almost feel as if you are part of the community.

Book Blurb for One Day in Apple Grove

Caitlin Mulchahy doesn't have much time for socializing now that her sisters' handyman business is thriving. For Dr. Jack Gannon—former Marine medic—keeping the residents of Apple Grove healthy is a welcome distraction from the haunting memories of his time served in Iraq. Although the two have lived in the same small town their whole lives, Cait and Jack barely know each other. That is until a stray puppy leads them to the same place at the same time. But it will take more than one adorable canine to get these two together—it'll take a whole town.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50