Once Her Man, Always Her Man

1 Night Stand Series / Once a Marine, #1

This is another quickie and part of the 1 Night Stand series. Heather Long has a series of these stories loosely centered by a rehab center for Marines called Mike’s Place. In this story, how Mike’s Place started is revealed. Yes, this is the first book in this series within a series but doesn’t need to be read first as each book is independent from the others.

Getting a second chance at love with someone is a gift you can’t expect or turn away. That is the premise of this story and for the most part it’s done very well. Two high school sweethearts met back up after 11 years due to 1 Night Stand. There they learn that the feelings that they had back then haven’t disappeared. Sounds simple but it’s not that easy. In just a few short pages, Ms Long gives a background story that many will relate to and a future that might happen. Though all the details aren’t exactly clear, the emotions are and they will tug at your heart. For those just looking for hot sex, this may not be your book as there isn’t as much in this story as there normally is for this series but the story itself is stellar and well worth the time to read.

Luke dropped out of high school, took his GED and joined the Marines after 9/11 when his mother and sister died. He left behind his girlfriend, Rebecca, wanting her to move on and have a wonderful life but he never forgot her and his memories of her kept him going. Rebecca never forgot her first love and no man ever measured up to him. She waited for years to hear from him or see him but it never happened until they were set up by 1 Night Stand. Does she dare open her heart for possible heart break again? Can Luke convince her to give him a second chance?

Book Blurb for Once Her Man, Always Her Man

Fulfilling a favor and executing a business plan, Luke Dexter arrives at Dallas’ Sybarite Club for a one-night stand. He never imagined he’d come face to face with the woman he left behind a decade earlier.

Rebecca Rainier fell in love with Luke Dexter in high school and was crushed when he dumped her to join the Marines after 9/11. Set up on a 1Night Stand by her business partner, nothing could prepare Rebecca for who her date is.

Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade-long abandonment, in one cold Texas night?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00