On Location

Submission Island 2

A hot sexy Dom who happens to be ex-special forces and is Australian, what more could you want? Okay, he likes to give pain but doesn’t like to hurt. He also doesn’t like to train new subs. All that changes in this intense story that has more twists and turns than I ever expected. Emotions run high and what starts out as a casual encounter becomes more. Sindra van Yssel writes BDSM stories that quickly get your interest and then doesn’t let you go. You feel as though you are there and things you would never think of trying in real life seem doable. Absolutely loved this story.

It is the second book in a series but you don’t have to read the first to be able enjoy this one. They definitely stand alone.

Misperceptions and an interruption to solitude are only the beginning to Kyle’s introduction to Terry. First Kyle thought Terry was a guy so she isn’t which leads him to calling her Teresa. And, though Teresa is definitely pretty, her bossy behavior is a definite turn off and she sure doesn’t seem submissive which is how Kyle likes his women. Kyle knows what type of woman he likes and Teresa isn’t it. Terry is here to scout out a movie set. She loves her job but doesn’t love that she was sent with a video guy who has more stuff than he could possibly need and thinks she should just jump in bed with him, for something to do. Her meeting with Kyle isn’t real promising either. Soon though his lifestyle intrigues her and why not try it for the week that she’ll be on the island. What could it hurt?

Book Blurb for On Location

Kyle likes being alone on Submission Island. The only exceptions are the other three Doms with whom he owns the place and the women who pay to play with them. He certainly doesn’t want a whole movie crew filming on his island home. So when bossy Teresa comes to scout the location, he’s not happy about her presence. Even though she is easy on the eyes.

Teresa doesn’t know what to make of Kyle. He’s blunt. He’s an unabashed sexual sadist. He doesn’t know how to compromise. She’s an independent woman who is used to getting her way with men. But curiosity drives her to see what sex with a Dominant is like. She discovers she has more of a taste for his kinky games than she ever expected, and soon she’s aching for his rope, his whips and his kisses.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50