On Display

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On Display

This story is a quickie but oh so good. Hunter and Olivia have been checking each other out for months but neither are making a move. With the help of her roommate and friend, Olivia takes her chances of attracting Hunters attention at the club where he’s a bouncer and things heat up from there. It’s amazing on what can happen on a break! Hot and steamy are great adjectives to describe this story. Prepare to get carried away along with Hunter and Olivia as their attraction explodes into something they could have only dreamed about.

Hunter has wanted Olivia for months but he’s not acting on those desires. They both work part time at the same gym and it would be really awkward if things didn’t work out. Olivia has similar concerns but she finally makes her move by dirty dancing with her friend and roommate at the club where Hunter works full time. She not only attracted Hunter’s attention but she’s turned him on. But, will he act on it?

Book Blurb for On Display

Hunter wants Olivia, and the feeling is mutual. She decides to take her secret attraction public and show up at the club where he’s bouncing, ready to lay everything on the line to snag him. Hunter can’t believe his luck, and soon makes his own move on the woman he’s lusted after for months. Things heat up between them during an exciting—and exhibitionist—evening that leaves them both anticipating more sexy times to come.

An Exotika® contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50