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Ocean Light

Psy-Changeling Trinity, #2

Life after Silence isn’t as easy or as straight forward as anyone would like in this new series by Ms Singh and her Psy/Changling/Human world. This is not the first book in this series but it can be read without having read the previous book. It does reference things that happened in that book as well as characters in the originating series. This story is full of tentative alliances, betrayal, redemption and so much more. Not only is this world complex but the characters are too. Still there are traits that anyone can relate too such as childhood trauma and family bonds. Kaia and Bowen, the two main characters, have to make life changing decisions. Their lives are very different but can the similarities hold them together. Trust doesn’t come easy to either and both will have to deal with someone close to them possibly betraying that trust. This story captured my imagination and kept my interest from beginning to end. In fact, I read it twice because I was sure I missed things in my first fast reading and I was right. Plus, it was just as good or even better then second time reading it. Several secondary characters caught my interest and I hope at some point we will see them again in a future book. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing how the Psy, Changlings and Humans will mold a new society to live in.

When Bowen wakes up, he’s sure he is dead. He knows he was shot in the heart. So imagine his surprise when he opens his eyes to learn that he is not only not dead but he’s alive and well. Or, as well as he can be with a chip in his brain that will eventually kill him. Kaia was trained to be a doctor like her mother but she changed her profession. She’s now a cook and loves her job. However, her cousin has her helping out with her newest patient. When he wakes up, she doesn’t expect the instant attraction. He’s human! Kaia doesn’t trust humans nor does she want anything to do with them. Can she stay away from this one? How can she explain her aversion to her cousin?

Book Blurb for Ocean Light

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us into the mysterious, haunting world of the deep and into the heart of a love story that will change two peoples forever in this new novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 5.00