Erotic Romance for Women

Obsessed, not with an object, but with a man. That is the premise of this collection of short stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The collection consists of 19 stories by some very different and unique authors. No two books are alike and each gives the reader something special.

Whether the characters just met each other like in Raindrops and Rooftops or are an old married couple, I Want to Hold Your Hand, the desire for each other is paramount in the relationship. They are obsessed with each other to the point of not caring about much else. It's even possible to lose your job while obsessing about the boss!

Surprisingly each story feels complete considering on how short they are. Within the space of a few short pages, these characters come to life and their stories feel full and rich. No story is more than 12 pages yet feels like it is much longer, in a good way.

I seldom enjoy anthologies. The stories always feel too short, too incomplete, even though I do get a good idea of an author's writing style. Not so with this anthology. Not only did I get a good idea of these author's writing styles, I got real stories, not a snippet.

One word of warning though. These stories are hot and will definitely warm you up. In fact, they will probably give you some really good ideas so you might want to have that special someone around. I'm not sure a fan and cold drink will work!

Book Blurb for Obsessed

Obsessed is not about obsession for a new purse or a new car. Instead, these stories sizzle with the kind of obsession that is fueled by our deepest desires, the ones that hold couples together, the ones that haunt us and don’t let go. Whether just-blooming passions, rekindled sparks, or reinvented relationships, these lovers put the object of their obsession first. From the almost-divorced couple in ?Aftershocks,” by Bella Andre, who finally confess their deepest desires during an earthquake, to a woman who confesses to her boyfriend just how much she lusts after another man in Emerald's "Then," these lovers push the boundaries of their relationship and the boundaries of their trust in each other. Obsessed lovers don’t always do what is rational; sometimes they chase their dreams, such as in Kayla Perrin’s ?One Night in Paris,” across the world and across the landscape of their lovers’ bodies.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00