Obsessed by Wildfire

Wayback, Texas

Isobel Trinidad hates the color yellow which is why she's headed to the Blue Bug Saloon in Wayback, TX to look for Chicky. Chicky left Isobel no choice when he painted her barn and fences lemon yellow. Isobel is going to kill him. Arriving in her beat up Chevy and a whip in her hand, Isobel arrives at the front door of the Blue Bug to run into a strange Yankee.

Unlike the cowboys that lived in this area, Warner Keyson wore a baseball hat and running shoes. But he was definitely big and muscular. Isobel not only didn't want to stop and talk to this man but she didn't appreciate him stopping her. She had things to do, like kill Chicky.

Warner is in Wayback at the invitation of the fire chief. Though two arsonists were arrested recently, the fires in the area haven't stopped. Apparently there is another arsonist and Warner being a state fire marshal has been asked to investigate further.

The next morning, Warner and Isobel get a bit of a shock. Warner called for a cab to take him to the fire sites and Isobel showed up with a purple cab. As Isobel drives Warner around, the attraction they both felt the night before seems to become more visible.

Isobel doesn't have time for men and doesn't want her life to be like her mother's. What is she going to do with Warner? Warner would like nothing better than to get into Isobel's bed but it's not going to be easy!

This is another cute romantic story set in Wayback, TX. There are several and each is unique and can be thoroughly enjoyed without having read any of the others.

The characters in this story are different and heartwarming. Isobel acts tough and tries to not need men. In reality, she doesn't want her dreams crushed and she sees marriage or a relationship as a trap to do that. She desires to be independent and rely on no one. Warner isn't from TX and he knows it shows. He's never ridden a horse or even been near one. That doesn't mean he won't try, as long as Isobel is there to show him how not to be bit or trampled or ran over.

The situations are fairly realistic. The Blue Bug Saloon is the local hang out with most people knowing each other and their habits. Warner's investigating the current rash of fires seems logical and his way of going about it fair. Isobel's relationship with her parents is introduced as she sees it and then gradually her perspective changes to a more adult view. Each scene comes across as possible including a hidden relationship that no one in town knows about.

I really enjoy visiting Wayback, TX. The stories are always fun and the characters always interesting. There is always a happy ending and still I want to see the journey of how the characters got to that ending. Each journey is different and the course is never smooth.

Once again, I recommend this story. It would be perfect for that lazy summer afternoon or for when you could use a pick me up story as there is no way you can stay upset after visiting Wayback!

Book Blurb for Obsessed by Wildfire

Isabelle Trinidad vows no man will ever rope her into the humdrum life of a housewife and take away her dreams of becoming the National Barrel Racing Champion, like her father did to her mother. Her mind is set, until a handsome Yankee comes to down and upsets everything she has believed.

Arson brings State Fire Marshal Warner Keyson to Wayback, but a wildfire of a woman stops him in his tracks. Intrigued by Isabelle’s fire, he contrives ways to keep her close during his investigation. What they create together is the blaze of a lifetime.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.75