Nothing Denied

They are the ones society avoids as well as they can, though they are members of the ton. 

Beatrice Albright is the third sister out of four. She’s the most beautiful and everyone though she would make a match long before her seventh season. But between her shrewish ways and her meddling mother, no one is willing to even dance with her! 
Gareth Berenger, Marquis of Highcroft has just finished his period of mourning for his first wife. Though titled and wealthy, no protective mama is going to let her daughter near him. It’s well known that he killed his first wife. Gareth is the last of his line and his grandmother’s dying wish is that he wed. It’s going to be hard if no one will even talk to him.
Beatrice willing to go to great lengths to get out of her mother’s house and escape spinsterhood, comes up with a plan. She’ll find a man that is disliked by society as much as she and marry him. That man happens to be Gareth. Can she over look that he killed his wife?
Gareth has decided that he will not marry again unless his wife can accept his particular sexual tastes. When Beatrice suggests they marry, he suggests a two week trail period to see if she can satisfy his needs. Beatrice will need to be open minded and adventures for this task. How badly does she want to marry and what if they find they don’t suit? 
I found I was at the end of this book much faster than I thought I would be. I got so wrapped up in the story that time flew by and the next thing I knew, I had finished the 260 pages and was at the end. It sure didn’t seem like this story was 260 pages but it must have been.
This is not your typical historical romance. Yes, it’s set during Victorian times. Yes, the clothing and setting reflect that era. Yes, everyone has to outwardly maintain society’s restraints. But those aren’t the only restraints in this story……
Gareth’s particular tastes happen to be what we would refer to as BDSM. How shocking to many people, even in today’s more open society! Imagine a virgin miss being introduced to that type of lifestyle. Gareth’s first wife thought he was depraved. Can Beatrice react any better?
Besides an interesting sexual life, Gareth has more going on in his life that will affect Beatrice. Adam, his first wife’s brother, not only lives on the next estate but blames Gareth for his sister’s death. Hence, the rumors that he killed his first wife. What is the true story?
And though Gareth trusts his servants, one seems to be a bit more than rude towards Beatrice. Is there a reason? 
Interesting, intriguing, and definitely different. I thoroughly enjoyed this historical that incorporated more than just some interesting characters and a bunch of social events. Even more than just a romance as it has a bit of mystery in the story. Someone wants Beatrice gone. All indications point to Adam, but is that a bit too obvious?
There are many elements of BDSM so if that type of lifestyle makes you uncomfortable, this is probably not the historical for you. 
This is the third book about the Albright sisters. I have not read the previous two, though I will probably look for them because I enjoyed this book so much. 

Book Blurb for Nothing Denied

Shrewish Beatrice Albright is beginning to realize that her difficult nature has consequences. As her seventh unsuccessful Season begins, her younger sister is taken under the wing of her elder sisters and the invitations have dried up. Terrified she’ll be forced into old maidenhood and the company of her mother, she vows to find a groom by Season’s end. Even if he is suspected of murder.

The Marquis of Highcroft, Gareth Berenger is just as shunned as Beatrice since he is thought to have murdered his first wife. But when she demands they wed since no one else wants them, he isn’t sure. Gareth is a man of intense sexual desires and dominant predilections and he’s already seen the consequences if his partner cannot accept them. He proposes instead a trial affair. If Beatrice can handle his sexuality, then they will marry. But as much as Beatrice is drawn in my Gareth’s sensual and shocking seduction, she is also afraid to trust and surrender fully. And there are darker forces sworn to keep them apart and they will use violence to take Beatrice from Gareth.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00