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Casey Catherine Farraday is an administrative assistant by day and a writer by night. Her agent, June Walker, has finally sold one of her books, a book written by K.C. Starling. That’s the good news. The bad news is the publishing house is sure that K.C. is a man and they want to do a bunch of publicity with him. June’s suggestion is that they hire an actor to play K.C. Casey isn’t too sure about this idea. She would rather be upfront with the publishing house but she’s talked into the deception by her agent.
Preston Frawley the Third has inherited 49% of McCarron publishing house from his mother. He’s taken over as President but can’t veto the board’s decisions as he doesn’t have controlling interest. Recently the board has agreed to buy a book written by K. C, Starling which Preston does not want to see published. He thinks the book is about him and his life. He’s doing everything he can to see that it is never published including trying to buy enough stock to gain controlling interest of the publishing house. In his private life though, he has his eye on the woman who lives in Apartment B, across the hall from his Apartment A. Little does he know that the woman in Apartment B is the real K.C.Starling.
Casey and Preston try to keep secrets from each other as they get to know each other. Casey doesn’t want Preston to know that she has written a book but is having someone else play her and Preston doesn’t want Casey to know his name as his previous two wives were only after his money. Little hints keep showing up as they slowly learn each others secret. Will this cause problems with their relationship or can they work it out?
Casey also has a good friend who strives to be more. They meet fairly often for dinner but he resents the time Casey spends writing and doesn’t understand why she wastes her time on something that will never amount to anything. He wants her to spend more time with him. Casey sees him as an old and good friend but nothing more. She tries to explain that there is no chemistry between them but he thinks chemistry is overrated. With June running interference, can Casey keep his friendship? And why is it that June seems to show up everytime Casey is out with him?
The storyline is one that is set up for misunderstandings and subtle hints. They are indeed there and are done well. Casey finds a memo that not just anyone would have from McCarron Publishing in Preston’s apartment. Preston seems to have to cut short their time together frequently. The actor hired to play K.C. wants more money and doesn’t seem to be able to answer the questions presented to him with clarity. People are sensing something isn’t quite right but no one can put a finger on it as the clues slowly revile themselves.
Many of the scenes involve cats. Casey has three and apparently Preston is a cat lover also. He acquires one during the story. These cats are treated as characters in the story and even have their own history. If you’re a cat lover, this may appeal to you. If you’re not, you may find it silly and unnecessary.
Overall, it’s not a bad book. It has a solid story with good characters. The story moves at a good pace. There were several points that the humor was just below the surface but just didn’t quite make it to the top. Still, if you want a nice unassuming book to read on those rainy or snowy days, this would fill that wonderfully.

Book Blurb for Nom De Plume

Secretary by day, writer by night, Casey Catherine Farraday's given up all hope of the world ever knowing her talent-until her agent calls with the happy news she's sold her book!  The flip side is, they think the author's a man!  As if that weren't enough to cope with, there's also Casey's handsome neighbor.the man across the hall, Mr. Apartment A.  His matinee idol looks set her heart to fluttering-and what's more, he seems to like cats.

Millionaire playboy Preston Frawley inherited McCarron Publishing from his mother and wants to spruce the company up a bit so it can be sold. His editor and former lover thinks she's struck gold with author K. C.
Starling and his sexy tome, Steam Heat.  But what really makes Preston's heart race is his lovely next door neighbor, a sweet, innocent girl with not a deceptive bone in her body, or so he thinks.

Will Casey and Preston get together?  Or will Casey's alter-ego, K.C. Starling, end up ripping them apart?  Find out in Nom de Plume, a romantic comedy about love, opportunity, and the age-old battle of the sexes.

Publisher’s Note: Toni LoTempio is also the author of the Thriller-Horror titles BOUND BY BLOOD and EBONY, both available from Whiskey Creek Press.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50