Noble Destiny

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Noble Destiny

Noble Series, #2

Katie MacAlister not only writes awesome, humorous paranormal novels but she aces historical stories too. While this is a re-issue, it’s also worth a re-read, or a first read. The characters are unique and funny. She throws bizarre characteristics in that seem over the top but they will keep your interest. This story is definitely a romance but as Lady Charlotte wonders, how does one know when you love someone? This is just one of her many questions as she plots her way into marriage, the ton and many other places she’s not always welcome into. This is a thoroughly enjoyable historical romance that could be called a hysterical historical.

Lady Charlotte has shown up on her cousin’s doorstep seeking help. Not only is she penniless but she has no place else to go. Her brother will not recognize her and neither will anyone else in society. Her cousin points out that the solution to her problem is marriage but who and how? Alasdair McGregor had interest 5 years ago and is still unmarried. He also has a title so he must be wealthy. Now how to get him to propose……..

Book Blurb for Noble Destiny

Just how far will Lady Charlotte go to win his heart?

Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England as a poor widow. She's eager to take her place in the ton, but is quickly shunned by all. There is only one way to redeem her good standing: find a groom with wealth, a title, and good looks. Alasdair McGregor posseses all these fine attributes, but he cruelly refuses to be the answer to Charlotte's problems. So what is she to do but take extreme measures? She'll make him fall in love with her by any means necessary, even a gun. Can this determined lady capture his heart, or will she misfire?

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Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50