No One Lives Twice

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No One Lives Twice

A Lexi Carmichael Mystery

Lexie Carmichael is a computer geek with National Security Agency (NSA). She spends her days stopping hackers. She’s tall, skinny and has no boobs. She works for an agency with agents but has never aspired to be one. Her 25th birthday is next week and her mother is after her to get married. As her social life is non-existent, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon despite her mother’s attempts at matchmaking. All in all, Lexie’s life is pretty boring and routine.

That all changes when a gun wheeling man demands papers that Lexie’s best friend, Basia Kowalski sent her. As Lexie hasn’t yet received the paper, she has no idea what he’s talking about. However, when she gets home to find her apartment trashed and another gun totting guy asking for the same set of papers, Lexie starts to get worried, especially when Basia doesn’t answer her phone.

The papers have actually been delivered to a neighbor and when Lexie does finally get them in her hand, she finds that they are written in Polish! Not to fear, she has a co-worker who knows Polish. Quickly, she has a translation which only leads her to seek out her good friends, the Zimmerman twins.

She doesn’t have to look any further for help as the Zimmerman’s have resources that most people would kill for. Soon, Lexie has more people following her and entering her apartment than she could have ever imagined. Not only that but she’s gotten 3 kisses from three different guys in 24 hours! That’s a record she doesn’t expect to be broke anytime soon.

Now, with all these people, can Lexie find Basia before someone gets shot or even killed?

When I read the blurb, I knew that I had to read this story. Within pages, I knew I was going to love this story.

The characters are great. Lexie is so confident about math and computers and so insecure about her sex appeal. Guys are coming on to her and she’s totally clueless. She just goes about her business as normal even when things are anything but normal. The Zimmerman twins, Elvis and Xavier are total geeks. They have computers everywhere and speak a language only geeks would understand. Slash, who is another computer geek plus so much more, not only understands the Zimmermans but seems to understand what is going on with Basia. Too bad he won’t share his info. Add to this mix an Irishman and a Swede. Both have something to do with Basia’s disappearance and both are yummy.

The humor throughout the story is fantastic. Lexie needs clothes for work and doesn’t feel like doing laundry, so off to the mall she goes. She also gets blackmailed into going disco dancing only to be part of a drive by shooting. Need to keep someone out of the way, try handcuffs. There are plenty of places that a unique and fun slant is given to a scene that can only cause you to laugh.

There could have been a love story in here but Lexie is so sure no guy would be attracted to her, she missed it. Actually more than one guy makes a play at her but Lexie is sure they are just kidding or it passes right over her head. That only made Lexie more real and more loveable.

Modern day problems and ethic issues do play a major role in the story. A fertility company is facing financial problems. How better to solve them that offer cloning services to the rich? However, terrorists might want a piece of that too. This story has more countries working towards one goal than most UN projects!

I absolutely, positively loved this book. I could so relate with Lexie. I found the humor terrific. I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like about this book except it ended. I want more adventures with Lexie.

Book Blurb for No One Lives Twice

I'm Lexi Carmichael, geek extraordinaire. I spend my days stopping computer hackers at the National Security Agency. My nights? Those I spend avoiding my mother and eating cereal for dinner. Even though I work for a top-secret agency, I've never been in an exciting car chase, sipped a stirred (not shaken) martini, or shot a poison dart from an umbrella.

Until today, that is, when two gun-toting thugs popped up in my life and my best friend disappeared. So, I've enlisted the help of the Zimmerman twins—the reclusive architects of America's most sensitive electronic networks—to help me navigate a bewildering maze of leads to find her.

Along the way, my path collides with a sexy government agent and a rich, handsome lawyer, both of whom seem to have the hots for me. Hacking, espionage, sexy spy-men—it's a geek girl's dream come true. If it weren't for those gun-toting thugs...

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Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00