No Accounting for Cowboys

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No Accounting for Cowboys

The Grady Legacy, #2

Within pages I was hooked on this second book in a trilogy about the men of Bull’s Hollow ranch. Paige grabbed my interest and I wanted to know more about her and the sexy singer that is talking her up. These characters came alive and are super interesting and intriguing. This isn’t your typical cowboy romance because Jake is a singer that is given an opportunity of a life time, not just a rancher. There are also tons of twists, most of which you never would expect that have you wondering how this story is going to end up with a happy ending, yet it does. I loved the family relationships and the close knit ties. Loyalties are tested in various ways and sometimes ties have to be cut. Unexpected friendships develop as Jake learns about life on the road and the music business all while worrying about the family ranch. This is an absolutely must read story for anyone who love contemporary romance. It has everything you could want and so much more.

Paige isn’t exactly your typical accountant. She has a wild side that comes out in her choice of vehicle (motorcycle) and her hair style (pink tips on her dark hair). She also has a past that she like to keep in the past. Jake is a rancher who likes to sing. He doesn’t sing under his name as he doesn’t want this fact to get back to his family. When Paige comes into the bar Jake is singing in, he’s interested and so is she. Neither knows that Paige is about to start working at Bull’s Hollow, Jake’s family’s ranch. This could be very interesting as secrets are kept and found out

Book Blurb for No Accounting for Cowboys

Cowboy Jake Grady loves life on Bull’s Hollow, his family’s ranch and loves his family even more. Even if it meant having to keep a few secrets and destroyed a friendship with his best friend. When he is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, he must choose between staying at the financially beleaguered Bull’s Hollow and pursuing a relationship with the Grady’s motorcycle-riding accountant Paige Reynolds or chasing after his dream.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00