Never Tease a Wolf

Jenny has been Damianos Alexander’s secretary for a couple of years but no more. She can’t stand being in love with him and working with him. She wants so much more so she’s quit her job. Tonight, the costume party that they are putting on for their new client is it. Jenny has a plan but it’s up to her former boss to pick up the flogger.
Damianos or Damon has claimed Jenny shortly after she came to work for him, she just doesn’t know it. He is wondering about her gift of a flogger. He doesn’t plan on putting on a costume but he will attach the flogger to his business suit. 
Jenny’s shot at getting her former boss’s attention is a belly dance she has been learning for the past 6 months. Damon is not only shocked at the dance but also very much aroused. Not that Jenny understands but Damon publicly announces that she’s his woman. She thinks it’s for the night. Damon means forever. Will talking clarify this or only confuse them more? After all, Damon is a werewolf and Jenny doesn’t even know they exist!
For such a short book (approximately 40 pages), there is a lot going on. With a minimum of words, an entire story is laid out and finished but leaves the read with the impression that the story was longer and full of detail.
There are only two main characters in this book, Jenny and Damon and only a few other that are very briefly mentioned. While this doesn’t give any secondary characters any time to shine, it does put the spotlight on the main characters. Jenny and Damon come across as very down to earth people. They, as must couples, need to work on their communication skills. When Jenny learns Damon is werewolf, she calls him a wolfie as affection but he sees it as an insult. Figuring out how to communicate with words may take longer than their communication in bed!
And there is a lot going on in Damon’s bed. Most of the book is placed there and the sex scenes are hot, graphic and well done. After all, Damon has two personas to keep Jenny happy with and he’s going to use whatever it takes to keep her in his bed forever.
I enjoyed this quick story. The pacing was excellent as you had something happening on every page. The characters were fun and interesting. I would have loved this story to be a bit longer but it was still excellent in it’s short length.

Book Blurb for Never Tease a Wolf

A harem outfit and a flogger? Sounds like a party. That’s why Jenny chose them as the key ingredients in her plan of seduction. For two years she has worked for Damianos Alexander, but tonight at the costume party she’s determined to become more than his secretary. Tonight, she’ll take that sexy male animal home—to her bed.
Damianos always gets what he wants, and he wants Jenny. She’s half naked, her body undulating in the movements of an ancient dance. Tempting every man in the room, including him. Too bad she doesn’t realize she’s tempting a wolf. Once she unleashes his feral side, there is no turning back.
Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Dancing for the Wolf.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75