Never Been Witched

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Never Been Witched

3rd Triplet Witch-Destiny's Story

Destiny Cartwright is a psychic witch and the middle born of identical triplets. Both define her. Her sisters are more than sisters. They are part of her. They are also psychic witches though in different ways. One sees the past, the other the present and Destiny sees the future. She doesn’t know when the things she sees are going to happen or where but that they are. At her sisters’ weddings she met a guy she would rather not be around. They’re attracted to each other but their beliefs are polar opposites so they tend to fight a lot. That’s why Destiny decided to visit the lighthouse on Paxton Island instead of attending her nephew’s christening in Scotland. She knew Morgan Jarvis would be there and she just didn’t want to deal with him.
Morgan Jarvis is in the process of buying the lighthouse on Paxton Island from one of his best friends. While his friends, their wives and Destiny are over in Scotland, he’s looking forward to two weeks of relaxation at the lighthouse. Morgan has been visiting here since he was in his teens and considers this island more of a home than the house he shared with his parents. That’s why he hears noises in the middle of the night he makes his way down the stairs not expecting to fall over luggage and see the one person he’s trying to avoid! 
Life gets interesting quickly when Destiny finds out that there is only one bed and Morgan while willing to share isn’t willing to give it up. There is also the fact that Destiny can see two ghosts with ties to either the lighthouse or someone near the lighthouse and what appears to be an angel. Morgan doesn’t believe any of that and is out to prove her wrong. And while Destiny and Morgan are attracted to each other and it seems like they are going to have to share a bed, Morgan, though in his 30s, is a virgin. He’s read books but can he put what he’s read into practice?
This is a wonderful, light-hearted romance that is full of fun and comic situations. This story starts out funny and ends sweetly but getting from there to here is an up and down ride that changes every time you look. Morgan has more than being a virgin as a secret and the proof is in the closet under the stairs. When Destiny needs to find something there how long will it take for her to find it and how is she going to take that the guy she wants has a cassock? As Destiny and Morgan bumble through learning about each other, Morgan’s 12-year-old dead sister and the last lighthouse keeper help them. Even with a guardian angel watching over them, they seem to find their way into one mishap after another keeping the reader amused.
The characters in this book are not only fun to read about but well developed and with depth. As Destiny and Morgan explore their relationship, their history and their families are discovered and discussed. After all, Morgan doesn’t believe in witches, much less psychic witches! Destiny, on the other hand, would love to know who made Morgan so stodgy, at least until she actually meets her! While there are a few secondary characters that are not ghosts, the story revolves around Destiny and Morgan making them the primary focus.
Through out all the mishaps and other happenings, Ms Blair keeps it real. You can visualize each event or situation happening. People flip over kayaks all the time as well as trip over luggage. Nothing in this story is so bizarre that you can’t imagine it happening yet it is presented in such a way to seem new, fresh and fun. 
This is the third book in a series. It doesn’t need to be read with the other books though I’m sure you would understand Destiny and Morgan’s backgrounds a little better. Destiny’s sisters and their husbands show up towards the end of the book giving readers of the entire series a catch up on what they are doing. If this book is a reflection of all of Ms Blair’s work, I’d not only highly recommend this book but recommend all of her work.

Book Blurb for Never Been Witched

Psychic Witches with Attitude SPELL Identical-Triplet Trouble in Spikes.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00