My Viking Wolf

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My Viking Wolf

A Howls Viking Romance Book 1

This sounded like a cute, funny paranormal romance but ended up being so much more. This story

actually had more layers and more depth than I thought it would. There is intrigue, power struggles,

trusted friends and an undeniable attraction between an assassin and his mark. This story was fast

paced with a few surprises which definitely kept my interest. I loved everything from the chase scenes

to the wedding. The blurb drew me in but the story kept me. Reagan is definitely a woman (wolf) who

knows her own mind and doesn’t mind kicking butt to get her way. And, the assassin is hotter than you

can imagine. I’m so glad that this book is the start of a series because I can’t wait to read more.

Reagan is our enjoying her last day of freedom before she gets married. Her friends are making sure

that it’s a memorable night but things get very interesting after Reagan meets a handsome stranger.

She doesn’t plan on spending her last night as a single woman in a stranger’s bed but maybe it’s the best

unplanned night she’ll ever have!

Book Blurb for My Viking Wolf

How to Ruin Your Wedding Day: 101

1.Wake up in stranger’s bed.

2.Learn he’s an assassin hired to kill you.

3.Fall in love with said assassin.

4.Kill rat-bastard fiancé.

Reagan Compton trusts two things in life: her pack and her blade. Love never once registered on her radar. Until she meets the shadow wolf—a Viking assassin hired by her so-called fiancé to kill her. Luckily, he’s more interested in claiming her for himself. Falling for her hired assassin wasn’t a part of her life plans, but he’s changing her mind fast. Love isn’t easy, but it sure beats the hell out of death.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50