My Nora

This story shows small town living at its best and at its worse. Simple things like needing permission to hunt on a neighbor’s land and getting Internet service take on a whole new view when you’re the new person in town. And, if you want privacy, it may not happen as everyone is curious about you. Still, there also fun things like the Christmas parade and hanging out at a local dive. Nora is big city, Baltimore. She quickly learns that things aren’t the same in rural North Carolina. Matt knows himself and his life. Now, he wants Nora to discover that he’s more than just a fisherman.

Sweet and warm would be a way to describe this wonderful story. It crosses racial lines with honesty and reflects the many views that can be given. But, this story is more about friendship and family. The love that is between the characters, all of them, not just Nora and Matt, is perfect. They don’t always agree and stuff happens but they always care which makes this story awesome. However, things don’t become icky sweet but more go with the flow. Nora and Matt are making hard life decisions which will affect them both but they have some trust issues and some communication problems that they need to work on.

Matt Vogel only wanted hunting rights on his neighbor’s land; he didn’t expect to feel an immediate attraction to his new neighbor. Manora, Nora, Fredrickson only wanted to be left alone to renovate her rundown property and to paint. She didn’t want to interact with anyone, much less the large and handsome neighbor man. What she wanted didn’t seem to matter though as he kept showing up along with his younger sister. Soon Nora finds herself enjoying their visits and while Nora is sure that Matt deserves better than her solidary and sometimes grouchy self, she’s beginning to like having him around. Matt, on the other hand, is in awe of Nora and hopes that she can put up with him. However, outside forces will be adding stresses to their new friendship.

I have to say that I enjoyed My Nora. This heart-warming romance should give enjoyment to romance readers regardless of their age.

Book Blurb for My Nora

When painter Manora Fredrickson left Baltimore for a fixer-upper located in her ancestral Tyner, North Carolina, she figured she’d be getting away from the distractions of the city: the noise, the crime, the event invitations . . . her ex-husband. Happy to be a recluse at age twenty-eight, all Nora wants to do is paint, lick her wounds, and maybe sneak across the county line for some of Hattie’s artery-clogging fried chicken.

Enter Matthew Vogel. His little piece of Tyner abuts Nora’s and from the moment the consummate bachelor stops by her barn to find her dancing around like a Jersey City showgirl, he decides the spunky firecracker is the woman for him. Nora doesn’t agree, but she can’t get the brawny fisherman off her mind or her doorstep.

As much as Nora is attracted to her charming neighbor, she thinks Matt deserves better than a curmudgeonly hermit. Her last marriage fell apart because of her commitment to her art. Matt wants to convince her it won’t happen again - not with him.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00