Must Love Music

Gayle had only been in the city a month and she needed to find some friends, places to go and something to do. Her job as tech support for a company doesn’t lend itself to finding any there with everyone else either in sales or management and she just doesn’t seem to have anything in common with them. So, Gayle is looking through the Thursday paper to see if she can find a musical to audition for. She loves to sing and has some theater experience. Working her way through the classifieds, she comes across a musical that seems just right for her. Behind it are the personal ads. Just out of curiosity, she glances through them until she finds one in the alternative lifestyles which peaks her interest. 

“Let me help your spirit to sing. Leather loving dominant seeks submissive for scene play, potential relationship. Must love music.”
Gayle has played around with some bondage and the thought of doing more turns her on. Does she dare answer this intriguing ad?
Rikard replies back to Gayle very quickly and sets up a date in a public place. There they will decide if they want to explore continuing their relationship. Though he seems nice enough, Gayle thinks something is slightly off. Still, she agrees to have lunch with Rikard the next day at his home. 
Rikard obviously loves music and plays piano extremely well. While he wants to know all about Gayle, he doesn’t revile much about himself. Yet, Gayle feels safe with Rikard and loves the way he makes her feel. How far is she willing to go with this man she just met? And, if and when she learns Rikard’s secrets will they cause her to go running?
I found the sexual scenes in this story very stimulating and interesting. While a few of the things seemed awfully painful to me, I could see how someone else might enjoy them. And though Gayle and Rikard’s relationship moved more quickly than even Gayle’s friend thought it should, the story seemed to make flow well. Music was a major factor in the story. The way it was incorporated was different. I never put sex and perfect pitch together before this.
While the story was fun, there were loose ends that were never answered. Gayle wondered how Rikard could afford a house where he lived. We never did find out. Other minor issues are there but they are just that, minor.
Overall, this is an excellent book to spend a couple of hours reading. It’s short but titillating. It’s unique in many ways making this love story feel fresh and new. Must Love Music is a composition filled with interesting high notes.

Book Blurb for Must Love Music

Possessing perfect pitch, a penchant for leather and a predilection for gourmet cooking, Master Rikard is a sub’s dream.
After answering his compelling personal ad, Gayle begins a relationship with the mysterious masked Dom. His hypnotic voice spins wicked erotic fantasies as he takes her to sexual heights she’d never believed possible, while glimpses of his tortured soul awaken her desire for more than just sex.
Their mutual love of music could be the beginning of much more, but his tragic past presents a barrier. Then Gayle’s innocent discovery forces them to face the truth.
Publisher’s Note: Previously published in the Single White Submissive anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.75