Muscle for Hire

This action packed story kept my interest. I love Lexxie Couper’s work and I love how so many of her secondary characters end up with books of their own. While this story has a character that showed up in other stories, it’s not necessary to have read any of her other works to thoroughly enjoy this book. There is a lot going on in this story besides two people falling in love. There is a crazed fan who seems to keep slipping through security. Could she have something to do with the freak accidents that suddenly have started? If not, than who is? The answer could surprise everyone! But, there is even more to this story. Family relationships, the paparazzi, and forgetting where you are become essential elements of this story and takes it to a whole new level. And let us not forget, just because Aslin is in his 40’s doesn’t mean that he’s still not one hot Pom!

Does Nick Blackthorne ever go away? Well, he pretty much retired which left his bodyguard, Aslin Rhodes without much to do which is how he ended up on the set of a Hollywood movie as a military consultant. He has the experience as he was in the SAS prior to becoming Nick’s bodyguard. What he doesn’t have experience in is getting put on the ground by a small woman! Rowan Hemsworth is not only the star of the movie’s sister but she’s a world champion martial artist. When she’s not competing she’s likes to take care of her younger brother. This is all fine and dandy except there is an immediate attraction between the two of them and suddenly deadly accidents start happening. Aslin is sure they are directed at Rowan who is sure they are directed at her brother. Regardless, Aslin is going to keep everyone safe and find out who is behind these accidents, even if it means pissing off Rowan and the police!

Book Blurb for Muscle for Hire

Protecting her was never going to be easy.

After sixteen years as the personal bodyguard to the world’s biggest rock star, ex-SAS commando Aslin Rhodes excels in the role of intimidating protector, oozing threatening menace. Now that the singer has retired, Aslin takes a new assignment as a military consultant on a blockbuster film. But just as he’s getting comfortable in the world of Hollyweird, he faces an unexpectedly immovable object. An American martial arts expert no taller than his chin, who promptly puts him on his arse.

Rowan Hemsworth’s focus is two-fold—keep her famous brother grounded, and never again be a defenseless victim. She has her hands full as the fun police, keeping her brother’s money-sucking entourage at bay. But nothing prepared her for the British mountain of muscle who makes her knees go uncharacteristically weak.

When a string of accidents on set convinces Aslin that Rowan—not her brother—is the target, things get bloody tricky as he tries to convince the stubborn woman she needs his protection. And accept that she belongs with him. In his arms, in his bed…and in his heart.

Warning: The strong, silent type don’t come much more silent and strong than Aslin Rhodes. But when he does speak his British accent will drive you mad with desire. As will his menacing, dominating power. And what he can do to a woman on the back of a motorcycle.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00