Much Ado About Vampires

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Much Ado About Vampires

A Dark Ones Novel

***Spoiler Alert***

Corazon, Cora, Ferreira just doesn't seem to have any luck. First, her husband left her for a pretty blonde named Diamond. Then, her sister married a real vampire! And, when her friends and her were seeing who they were in their past lives, Cora got to see her former self get killed by an ox cart as well as learn that she was a vampire's mate. How did she get such a rotten past life when her friends all had wonderful ones?

Cora's luck doesn't end there. While exploring an old house with Diamond, Cora runs into a lich, a resurrected dead person. Chasing the lich is Lord Bael, the lead prince of Abaddon, more commonly called Hell. Lord Bael knows the lich has stolen some items from him and he wants them back. He also wants to kill whoever sent the lich. In the mist of all the threats and begging, Cora, Diamond and the lich are all sent to Akasha.

Once someone is sent to Akasha, you can't leave until you are summoned back. As no one knows Cora and Diamond are there, it may be a while before they get home. While Diamond plans on taking advantages of the different classes and activities offered, Cora starts looking around for a way out. Along the way she stumbles across Alec.

Alec is a vampire, though they prefer to be called Dark Ones. He plans on lying in the middle of a plain and basically dying. He has little blood left in his system and no desire to find any.

Cora really dislikes vampires and she especially has reason to dislike this one. After she saw the ox cart kill her former self, she saw this vampire kill the ox cart driver. Not a nice thing to experience. Still she's drawn to him and feels the need to offer her blood. What is going on?

Cora along with Alec does get back to our world but with a few problems. Cora is glowing. The items that were stolen from Bael were tools that enhanced his power. When Cora, Diamond and the lich were sent to Akasha, they became the tool that they were nearest to. Now each can be used drawing on Bael's power and if you have all three, you would be unstoppable.

As people and other beings learn this fact, suddenly Cora is a wanted woman and not everyone who is looking for her plans to keep her alive! And something else is going on. Cora seems to be Alec's Beloved. Is that even possible? Especially when his original Beloved has been made a lich and wants him back?

This book is part of Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones series. You do not have to read the previous books to thoroughly enjoy this one though characters from previous books are in this one and are mentioned in this one. This is a stand alone book though and none of the humor or plot is lost if you haven't read the previous books.

One of the best things about Ms MacAlister's books is the humor that is found with each story. Things aren't simple, nor are they easy but instead of angst, the characters show humor. These are definitely light hearted books that leave you feeling good.

The characters are wonderful. They have full lives. Alec isn't even close to perfect which is how he ended up in Akasha. Returning without the Council's permission doesn't mean good things will happen to him, so he decides he will hide if at all possible. Cora wants a nice normal guy who loves her for herself. A vampire just doesn't fit that bill so she fights her attraction to Alec while wanting him in ways she's never known before. Eleanor, Alec's original Beloved, is finally willing to take that role and can't understand why Alec doesn't appreciate her sacrifice. After all, she could still be living in her house next to the friend with benefits in the 7th circle.

Even the bad guys can be funny. Sally is a prince of Abaddon. Her persona is a bubbly blonde more interested in fashion than being evil but she can be evil! However, Sally may not be what she appears to be and bears watching.

If you are a fan of Ms MacAlister's books, you might find a few characters from her different dragon series. While they don't play major roles in either series, it's interesting that they are in both.

Once again, Ms MacAlister hits the mark. This book in entertaining in such a way that you don't want to put it down. There is a romance going on amidst the staying alive but they are so intertwined that there would be no separating them. This is good because it gives the characters and the situations a real feel, as if it could possibly be happening. The world that Ms MacAlister has developed is rich with magic and beings that make you wonder if it could be true.

Fantastic book that I have to recommend to anyone who likes hilarious paranormal romance stories that make you just want to sigh, or laugh, or want one of these guys for yourself.

Book Blurb for Much Ado About Vampires

Corazon Ferreira is a jaded woman. Turns out she was a vampire's mate in a past life. And no matter how distractingly gorgeous he is, she just can't get the image of him killing someone out of her head. But when her life depends on him, Corazon's going to have to stop overthinking things-and start trusting her heart...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00