Motor City Witch

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Motor City Witch

Book 2 of Urban Arcana

Aiden Greene didn’t even know Elise Sutton had a daughter until he met her at his cousin’s wedding reception where suddenly he came face to face with a little girl with eyes the exact same color as his. Elise and Aiden had dated five years prior and it was completely possible that Dina is his daughter. Just wait until he catches up with Elise!

Elise wishes Dina were Aiden’s daughter. She broke off their relationship when it seemed that Aiden cared more about business than her. Just one week later, while fighting some demons, Elise is raped. As she was pregnant for 10 months, she’s fairly sure that Dina is a result of the rape. Due to the fact that Dina can change her eye color at will makes her even more positive that Dina is not Aiden’s daughter.

Dina is a powerful little girl. Even though her mother is a witch, Dina at 4 is showing more power than her mother. Elise expects that it is due to her being part demon. However, Aiden is also a powerful fae and Dina does have the reddish highlights just like him and as far as Dina is concerned, Aiden is her father.

When Dina suddenly disappears, Elise calls Aiden first. Originally, she thinks he took her but is quickly assured that is not the case. Aiden will do everything and anything in his power to find Dina. Could her kidnapping be part of the purist movement among the fae?

This is the second book in a series about the Motor City fae and it’s just as good the as first. The first book was about Aiden’s cousin, Maegan and the bard who was watching over her, Alaric. You don’t need to read that story to thoroughly enjoy this one but the characters from the first are major players in this one.

Magical would be a perfect word to describe this story. And while the story does feel magical, it’s all the magical beings that truly make magical the correct word. Aiden is an elf Lord in the Seelie court. Elise is a Wyndewin witch; a witch organization that control other magical creatures to protect humans. Thrown in are werewolves, orcs, goblins and various other magical beings. Some are good, some are bad but they all have some sort of magical ability.

The world developed in this story is fantastic. For the most part, the story is set in the Detroit area of Michigan with trips to the Underhill or fairy world. There is even a brief visit to Scotland. Yet, with skill and precision all these places are meshed into a believable world with portals and rules.

The characters are great. They are extremely well done and are interesting and enjoyable to read about. They have a life to them that makes them real. Emotions play a big role and they are expressive and full. Nothing flat or cardboard about any of the characters. Rich, full and fun would be better descriptions.

I absolutely love this series and this book is an excellent example as to why. With action, emotion and a whole lot of magic, I can’t think of anything this book doesn’t have. I look forward to reading several more books with these characters and I know like with this book and the previous one, I won’t want to put it down!

Book Blurb for Motor City Witch

When Aidan Greene meets up with his former love, Elise Sutton, he's in for a surprise. Even though the witch insists he isn't the father of her little girl, the Fae lord is sure the child is his. When Elise's daughter is kidnapped, Aidan and Elise are forced to work together to rescue her, rekindling old passions, and maybe even igniting new ones.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00