Mona Lisa Darkening

Mon‚re, Children of the Moon Series#6

Mona Lisa is a queen of the Monere. Monere are a group that derives their power from the moon. They are faster than humans as well as stronger and more beautiful. Mona Lisa is of mixed blood and feels that she has the first two and doesn’t really need that last. On nights when there is a full moon, she gathers the moon beams and shares its reviving power with the members of her Monere family. Mona Lisa is also bond mated to the leader of Hell, Halcyon. Through him and from the last queen, Mona Lisa obtained demon traits, something that most Monere do not have.
During a full moon Bask, gathering the moonlight to share the power, a dark imagine covers the moon, enters Mona Lisa and sends her to NetherHell. Once in NetherHell, she finds that she’s sharing her body with the former queen, Mona Louisa. As they jockey for control, they begin to blend into each other. Mona Lisa finds herself becoming more selfish while Mona Louisa finds herself becoming kinder. Regardless, NetherHell is not where Mona Lisa wants to be and she needs to find a way out. More important though, she needs to stay alive. There are a lot of really bad creatures in Netherland and all of them will kill you if you’re not careful!
Halcyon feels when Mona Lisa disappears. He comes from Hell to find her only to discover that she is in a place that is much worse than Hell. After getting advice from his father and agreeing to let newly made Demon, Gryphon join him, Halcyon enters NetherHell searching for Mona Lisa. They have less than 24 hours to find her and pass back through the portal before the portal closes for 3 months. No one can last that long in NetherHell without changes; those changes would not be for the better.
This book is obviously part of a series. Though it was enjoyable to read, I felt like I was missing stuff. As I continued reading some of the gaps closed while others stayed. I left with a vague idea of what Moneres are but without a real understanding of how their society works. While some of the skills/traits of the Moneres became evident, I’m not sure I really understand what all they can do. So, while the story was good, it would have been much better had I read the previous books. Much of what the characters did or reacted to was based on previous stories.
The characters weren’t real defined for me but again, that may have been due to them being well defined in other books and therefore their characteristics weren’t as stressed in this book given that the author assumed you already knew these characters. There are a lot of characters in this book. Many are mentioned and interact with Mona Lisa but you don’t get a real good sense of whom or what they are. Even Mona Lisa lacks some depth as if you already know her and this is just another chapter in her life.  
Mona Lisa seems to have sex with a lot of people in this book. Some are former lovers, some are newer and one is her mate. As one states, when Mona Lisa has sex, it isn’t about the sex but she shares her love with them making her more attractive than anyone they knew. Mona Lisa does love without strings and does want to share that love. It’s amazing that there is not any major jealousy between the males as they all want to please Mona Lisa. However, if you have problems with multiple partners, this isn’t the book for you.
Having gotten a taste of Sunny’s world, I’m intrigued. She has a pretty well defined world and it has defined species. I’m not sure about all the details but the premise is interesting. The characters come alive and while you may not know them like you know your friends, they keep you interested and you want to get to know them. I think this series of books could get to be a must buy very quickly and I’ll be looking for the previous books to find the answers to the questions this one raised like how did Mona Lisa defeat Mona Louisa.

Book Blurb for Mona Lisa Darkening

On the vernal equinox, Mona Lisa is taken against her will to NetherHell, the cursed realm of the damned. In this place, she will be torn from both within and without by desire, love, and ecstasy. And when her first love crosses the boundaries of the world to rescue her, she must choose her own destiny-before others choose it for her.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.00