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Model Men

Gay Erotic Stories

The book has 18 short stories from 18 different authors. The only thing that connects them is each story has some sort of gay model in it. None of the stories are connected and each is totally unique.

The opening story is Model Me by Landon Dixon. Guy is an art class model and Louis is one of the students. Guy is attracted to Louis and they explore that attraction after class. This was a good introduction to this book. The story was believable and the sex was hot. It got my interest and had me wonder, what next.

Following Model Me is Photo Shoot Confidential by Bearmuffin. Two professional football players become underwear models and so much more. These are big, rough guys who flip coins for sexual positions. Yet, the guys come across as nice wholesome players who just happen to be gay. What a nice change for a professional athlete!

Gavin Atlas’s Pink Cowboy Hat is next. This story has a college student following the object of his desire, a runway model. He’ll travel to foreign countries to get to know him and not only learns about the model he loves but he learns about himself.

Emily Moreton is one of the female authors who has a story in this book. Her story Tied Up has the models posing for bondage Christmas cards. The photographer and one of the models have been friends since college. Nothing has ever happened between them until this shot. What made the difference? It comes as a surprise as these guys move from friends to lovers.

I could go on about each story, but I won’t. The review would be pages long if I did!

First, let me say that I don’t particularly like gay stories and the last few “Best of ….” Books I hated. So, when I was given this book to review I was exactly thrilled. And, now comes the But…….I really liked this book.

The stories in the book were not only unique but they were universal. I could relate to each as the characters reached for love, or lust. The theme was one that anyone who has ever loved could recognize. Perhaps, if like me you don’t normally read gay stories, the only difference was there were two guys instead of a guy and a girl. It was refreshing and normal. I could see these stories unfold. What college person doesn’t dream of being “discovered” and becoming a model like in Head Shots by Neil Plakcy? Of course, a bit more goes on when the model “discovered” and another model hit it off. Or, when a professional soccer player gets asked to do a charity calendar, in the nude, and finds himself attracted to one of the photographer’s assistants as in Sweet Charity by Heidi Champa. Any of these stories could be found in any straight book if the sex of one of the characters were changed.

And, each story had a lot crammed into just a few pages. These weren’t just a quick introduction to the characters, lots of sex and an abrupt ending. These had some character development and a real story line. They had you involved with what was going on. There was truly a good story amongst the sex.

Yes, there is sex and a lot of it. From blow jobs behind screens to sex almost anywhere, each story had at least one hot sex scene. These scenes were graphic and in your face. Most had safe sex in mind with condoms readily available which is great. So, like with any relationship of this sort, expect that the main characters are definitely going to find their way to some sort of sex.

This is an excellent book if you want to see what male/male romance is all about. There is enough diversity that you should find something you like within this book. I actually enjoyed all but one story. Not all of these authors have books out though most have stories in magazines. But, if you’re curious about this genre or a fan of it, this book has plenty of good stories and good sex.

Book Blurb for Model Men

Who hasn't experienced a pang of lust or longing at a photo of a male model? Whether a hundred times life size on a billboard or romping through the pages of a glossy magazine in his Calvins, Tommys or Ralphs, the male model is the gold standard for masculine beauty. The characters in these stories run the gamut, from the billboard-gracing Aiden in Cynthia Hamilton's ?Big Picture," to life models in drawing classes, to runway models, to ordinary guys immortalized in a catalog shoot in T. Hitman's ?When Gary Met Larry." They hook up with artists, photographers, roommates and lovers, in locations from New York to Miami to a beach in Australia, and many places in between.

One thing all the male models here have in common is sex appeal and a yen for man-on-man action. These aren't the kind of guys who say, ?look but don't touch" ? they want to be touched, and in all the right places! The authors here, some of the best writing in gay erotica today, have taken hold of the idea of the male model and run with it. Here's hoping you enjoy reading these as much as Neil Plakcy enjoyed working with the authors and assembling this collection.

Teen twinks, fresh-faced twenty-somethings, and the ravishing runway rogues in Model Men make for a tribute to the glory of gorgeous gay men. These erotic stories explore the undeniable attraction to classic good looks, charisma, and glamour. Neil Plakcy has gathered sensational stories of sizzling porn bodies, sexy boys next door, tantalizing tricks, and sublime Mr. Right Nows. Intertwining favorite fantasies and gay lust, this collection is guaranteed to sing a siren song to those embodiments of perfection who walk among us. More then just pretty faces and heavenly bodies, the men in this volume give as good as they get.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50