Misplaced Lessons

Foreign Affairs, #3

Absolutely fantastic addition to Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper’s Misplaced series. I was wondering how they were going to pull this off and they did in spectacular fashion by introducing a few more characters from the station that was a setting in the first two books and a friend in the states. I not only loved the characters but the situations that occurred were natural and realistic. The sex scenes were from hot to super hot but what was even better was reading about the growing emotional attraction. Once again, a mixture of cultures resulting in a wonderful blend of erotic romance.

Amy has always wanted to travel but she’s still living where she grew up, on a remote station in Australia teaching school. Through a pen pal program for her students, Amy has made friends with a teacher in Chicago, Harper. They agree to switch places and homes for two weeks while Harper’s over protective brother, Andrew, is out of town. But Harper warns Amy that she’s needs to keep an open mind for a surprise she has planned. When Amy is woken up by a man she believes this is the surprise Harper has planned, fulfilling one of her sexual fantasies. Andrew is tired but not so tired as to turn down the naked woman in his bed that he’s sure his friend Mike sneaked in. After an erotic and intense night of sexual delight, their real identities are revealed. Do they ignore this great experience or continue on?

(Now, I can't wait to read about Harper's adventures in Oz. The glimpses that were in this book are enough to drive me mad!)

Book Blurb for Misplaced Lessons

A forced-sex fantasy is one thing—waking to find a scruffy man binding you to a bed is quite another. Amy fights him, until she realizes her friend must have set up the sexy scenario. They’ve swapped lives, with Harper flying to Australia and lending her Chicago home to Amy. While she’s surprised Harper would go to such lengths to help her fulfill a fantasy, Amy figures…why not?

After days of nonstop travel, Andrew arrives at the home he shares with his sister, Harper, with sleep on his mind—until he finds a naked intruder in his bed. Subduing the beauty, he assumes she’s the blind date his pal had tried to set him up with. But would Mike actually sneak the woman into Andrew’s house? Seems so. And he’s not one to turn down such a gift.

By the time each has learned the other’s identity, Amy and Andrew have shared the most intense sexual experience of their lives. And they certainly don’t want to stop now.

Inside Scoop: This sexy life-swapping tale includes BDSM with a side of ménage.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00