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"Mine" is the first book in the dom/sub trilogy

Tara knew she wanted to be some man’s submissive/slave which is why she found herself standing naked in a room with several other men and women wanting the same thing. She was up for bid at an annual auction that allowed Masters and Mistresses to find a new submissive. Tara knew she needed a gentle Master and felt a great deal of unease as she had been told she should concentrate on pleasing what ever Master she got instead of wanting what was rare. At 30, Tara was older than the rest of the women up for auction and a little heavier which only made her more nervous about her decision to follow this path. Checking out the Masters coming in, Tara spots two very good looking men, Alex and Raven checking out the men. As they turn to check out the women will they even glance at Tara?
Alex and Raven are best of friends. Alex meet Raven at a similar auction a few years prior when Alex was up for bid as a submissive. Raven realized that being a submissive was not meeting Alex’s needs and taught him to be a Master. The love that started years ago is still there though both are Masters. Alex is looking for a new male submissive while Raven is looking for a female. They both find what they are looking for with Raven taking home Tara.
At Raven’s house, Tara finds that he has another submissive already living there, Donald and that the room she is shown is empty. Donald is to show Tara her chores and how they are expect to be done but when jealousy flares can it be kept under control or will is explode? Tara also learns that she must earn everything. Until she earns it, she will be naked and sleep on the floor. She wants to learn a quickly as she can to please her new Master and she seems to be doing something right.
This story chronicles Tara’s journey into the world of submissives and Masters. She starts out unsure of herself and what she has gotten herself into. She knows that her goal is to please her Master no matter what he asks of her yet his role is to take care of her needs. To ensure her safety at all times there is a code word that will stop all activity. This is stressed over and over as Raven pushes Tara to the edge of her limits.
Intertwined throughout the story are the unresolved issues that Raven and Alex have. These issues color their relationship and keep coming up over and over. Can they make sense of their feelings towards each other? Is what they need more than friendship? Is this even possible with two Masters, for they both are Masters?
To further complicate Raven and Alex’s lives, the head of the club is interested in more than friendship with Raven while Alex is drawn towards the same Mistress that the same head of the club has taken an interest in. 
This book is full of graphic sex, same sex interactions, whipping, bondage and more. It seems that any combination will work. Submissives are ordered to have sex with each other and frequent sexual encounters is the norm, not the exception. Sex and sexual related matters are the main emphasis of this book with a minor story line linking each scene together.
I had a great deal of trouble reading and reviewing this book, not because it was poorly written or uninteresting but because the subject matter pushed me past my comfort zone. That being said, I also found myself intrigued by Tara’s lifestyle choice and the power struggles going on. The characters while not fully developed had likeable qualities and enough depth to give them a personality and a wholeness to them. Overall, I found it to be an interesting book.

Book Blurb for Mine

Tara had always been curious about being a submissive and when she read a submissive’s journal, which was posted online, she knew this was the lifestyle she wanted to live. She found a club owned by a man named Master Gabriel. After being accepted into the club Tara put herself up for auction without thinking about it. Once at the auction she quickly began to wonder if she had made a mistake. Every man that came up to inspect her did not appeal to her. She couldn’t see herself serving them. She was about to give up and hope that whoever won her would at least be gentle. Then she heard his deep voice. The moment she laid eyes on Master Raven she was mesmerized.

Raven had no intention on going to the auction. He was tired of training submissives, which in the end weren’t what he needed and he wasn’t what they needed. Alex drags Raven to the auction and chooses Tara for him to bid on. It was obvious by how nervous the woman was she was new to this lifestyle and he felt she would be perfect for Raven. Raven reluctantly does what Alex wants and he easily wins the bid for Tara.

Now Raven and Tara will embark on a year long journey together. He will teach her everything about this lifestyle and she will be his final hope in staying in this lifestyle.

“Mine” is the first book in the dom/sub trilogy

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.25