Midsummer Dreams

Holiday Hearts, Book Four

For years, since she was a young child, Summer Holiday had dreams about Matt Warren. He went from being a childhood playmate to the perfect dream lover. She measured every guy she's ever dated against what she dreams of with Matt and finds them lacking. Now, nearing her 33rd birthday, Summer knows she has to give Matt up and get real about finding someone that's more than a figment of her imagination.

Matt loves Summer, even if she doesn't know he's alive. He started visiting her dreams when he was 9. Though they have never met in person, Matt plans on spending his life with Summer. To that end, after he is injured and discharged from the Air Force, he applies and gets a job in Charleston , SC where Summer and her family live. He doesn't want to meet her without a job and some kind of plans!

When they accidentally met on the beach that has been part of their dreams, Summer is shocked. She knows her family seems to have special powers in finding their mates but this is way beyond that!

Does Matt think they can just pick up from their dreams? What if she doesn't like the real Matt? Is Summer making this harder than it has to be?

This is the fourth book in a series about the Holiday family. You do not have to read the previous books to thoroughly enjoy this one. Each book revolves around one member of the Holiday family and is totally independent from the others.

Matt and Summer are wonderful characters. Matt knows that he can dream walk. He visits his mother and sister's dreams as well as a select few others. Why Summer, he doesn't know. He does know that he has to follow rules while dream walking which is some times frustrating. Summer knows that strange things happen when her family finds their true love but dreaming about them from childhood and not knowing that they are a real person is pushing it. Summer is an independent woman and isn't letting anyone think differently, even Matt.

While the premise is a bit out there, the story itself is fun and sweet. Matt and Summer know each other but they've just met. As they work through their relationship, the line between reality and their dreams seems to blur. Do they dare take a chance or not?

I've read a couple of the stories in this series and loved each one. The characters are fun and well developed. There is a real story between the sex and isn't falling in love suppose to be magical? This story may be fairly short, just over 70 pages, but it packs a big punch in entertainment value.

Book Blurb for Midsummer Dreams

Matt Warren has always been the man of Summer’s dreams. He was her childhood imaginary playmate, her teen crush, and the wildly sexy fantasy lover of her adulthood. She’s always known he wasn’t real, but after experiencing his imaginative, passionate touch, no real man has ever measured up. However, alone on a beach shortly before her birthday, Summer discovers that the Holiday family magic hasn’t left her behind. Matt is real, standing on her beach, and he’s there to make Summer his in every way possible.

Matt has always known he has a gift as a dreamwalker, and that Summer was out there and would someday be his—if he didn’t get himself killed first. Now that his career as an Air Force pilot is over, he’s moved to Charleston to find Summer and teach her that their shared erotic dreams are even better in real life, and that their love can last a lifetime. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75